8 Simple Cheat Hacks You Can Use To Beat Technology Bumps

When it comes to the digital world, less is always more.

Less effort for more rewards, hence almost piece of software out there is forever being modified, improved, upgraded, chips are getting smaller, I mean even sim cars are tiny these days.

Size or effort is not big in tech, smarts and some wit are.

Please, we don’t want the feds knocking on your door for this, we want to make stuff a bit easy for you.

8 Simple Cheat Hacks

Don’t sweat the small stuff, we’re not from the government but we’re here to help….see Ronald Regan speech.

So here are a few cheat codes for you that can make your tech life easier.

1.If you lose or misplace your Android phone in the house and you have put it on vibrate and you feel kind of stuck just go to Google Play>Android device manager>Ring. That baby will ring!

2. If you want to use airport or hotel wifi but it costs some dollars just add “?. jpg” at the end of any URL  (they usually don’t redirect images).

3.If you want to download a Youtube video, just add “ss” to the URL between www. and Youtube and voila you’re in business!

4.Ahem! Here’s a tip for school essays. If you want to make as essay appear longer: Hit CTRL + F, search for “.” and change the font size of the periods from 12 to 14. They will look the same, but will make your paper significantly longer!.

5.For all my people who copy and paste, if you want to prevent your copied text from formatting
use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste it.

6.If you’re streaming Netflix your Computer, if the stream quality is poor, press Control + Alt (Opt) + Shift + S. This changes the buffering rates. Basically if you change to 3000, it forces an HD video.

7.If you want an email address for signing up for all those crazy things online but don’t want to use your personal email address just use 10minutemail.com it will give you a fake email address to go.

8.Wanna listen to all music genres for free with unlimited skips, cmd.fm is your friend. Bye bye Spotify!



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