Bypass Social Media Bans In Your Country With This Simple Trick
With the prevalence of internet shutdowns in third world countries, we all may have heard of the use of VPN as a means to access the internet.
But what really is VPN and how does it work?
To understand how a VPN works, one has to first understand how the internet works. Think of the internet as the CBD with a bunch of roads leading in and out if the CBD. These interconnecting roads are Networks
And to use these roads, one has to get into public transport – which in the internet language is called a public connection. In such a case one uses a network provider to top-up internet bundles so to browse the internet.
This, however, gives an internet provider information of what one browses on the internet.
So when a government blocks social media, it prevents internet providers from allowing its users to access certain websites. Just like how a roadblock prevents a bus from getting to town.
This is where a VPN comes in. Unlike using public transport, a VPN is like you using your own private car to get to the CBD.
VPN means Virtual Private Network
So with a VPN, you can browse the internet freely with no one seeing what you do or having any control of what you do.
You can access the very same social media sites banned from your country.
Bypass Social Media Bans In Your Country With This Simple Trick
Bypass Social Media Bans In Your Country With This Simple Trick
Network providers give limited access to the internet through selected data bundle packages. For instance, you have to buy WhatsApp bundles to access Only WhatsApp. Same with Facebook etc. This makes it easier for them to flip the switch. But with a VPN, it tells your network provider that you wish to use the internet, without giving information of what sites you wish to access. This makes them powerless in controlling what you want to access and how.
But this can only happen in case of social media ban or when a selected site like Tik Tok is banned from your country.
A social media ban means the rest of the internet is still open, just not social media. So a VPN gives one access to the broad internet sites including the banned social media sites
However, a social media ban is different from an internet ban. An internet shutdown/ban means all roads leading to the CBD have roadblocks mounted on them, and even the Network provider does not have access to the CBD either.
In such a case, not even a VPN can work.

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