9 Tech Tips You Didn’t Know Which Make Life, Work And School Easier

We’re living in an age where we’re basically married to our gadgets.

We can’t do without our phones, our laptops, tablets, computers, smart watches and everything digital in between.

The whole point of the digital age is to make our lives simpler, easier and sharper. The faster it’s done, the better is it, no one wants to wait and crack their head when dealing with technology.

9 Tech Tips

So here we thought we’d share a few tips that would make your work, life, school and basically everything simpler.

1. If you want to proofread a super long essay and want to cut the time short instead and spot editorial mistakes without squinting. Just copy the essay and paste it on Google translate then listen to it. You can easily pick up typos and mistakes.

2. Say you’re looking for articles online related to a specific subject,

We know it’s hard to click and read them all from start to finish. To make things easier. Use the Google Chrome extension called TLDR. It shows you the summary of each article and you decide if it’s worth your eyeballs to or it’s ‘on to the next one’.

3. We all have an annoying family member or friend who sets their alarm and somehow seems to be so deep into sleep that they can’t hear it.

What happens is that, the whole house wakes up before their time and are forced to endure the crazy alarm, which snoozes and starts again until the person who is asleep wakes up.

Next time this happens, just call their phone and alarm will turn off. Problem solved.

4. We all have that one song we can’t get out our head.

Maybe we heard it in the grocery store, or some random radio station or remember it from our childhood but we don’t know the name enough to hit a Google search.

Say no more… if you know the tune or a few lyrics just hum or sing it on Midomi and you will get the tittle.

5. Please don’t search for information for your school assignments on basic Google.

Actually use Google Scholar and you can get many articles, you can even request them in PDF so you can download them.

6. Still on proofreading, editing and all that jazz..

You can run your finished document past AfterTheDeadline. It will clear errors, typos, grammar and suggests writing styles ( I’m checking out this one meself! ”

7. Your phone keeps freezing at the most inopportune times.

The way to win the war seems to be to switch it off? But wait, you were in the middle of something important.

Just plug the phone into the charger and it will unfreeze. You’re welcome

8. Working on a brief or assignment or article but you don’t like the deathly silence.

At the same time the music in your phone is a bit of a distraction. Use music designed for video games instead. It’s specifically designed not to mess with focus.

9. So many smartphones, so little time.

If you want to buy a phone, just use ProductChart, it helps you narrow down your choices according to your preferences.

With these tips , let’s go into the digital world and conquer.


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