How To Appear Offline On WhatsApp When You Are Online.

Many instant messaging, chat forums, applications and platforms, give the user the option to go incognito or hide their online status, meaning they appear to their contacts and other members as if they’re not online, when in fact they are. Sometimes one user is too busy or otherwise occupied, to give a live chat some undivided attention, which might end up being offensive to the party on the other side waiting for a reply in record time.

Many WhatsApp users have found themselves in a quandary, more often than not, over their online status. Hey, we all have those relatives who are always on the lookout for our online presence, remember that other time when they revealed they saw you online at odd hours in front of the whole family. Or when they ask if we ever do something productive with our lives, because we’re always online on WhatsApp. Then that one time they got upset that you didn’t reply to their chat but they saw you online.

Online status on WhatsApp can be the harbinger of so much drama that can put the whole Real Housewives franchise to shame. We understand you would like to avoid all that awkwardness and unpleasantness, by appearing as if you’re offline on WhatsApp when you are online in real-time. This means that when your contacts check your online status bar, they don’t see anything, no ‘online’. They will immediately assume you’re not online.

The downside is, ordinary WhatsApp aka the official version of WhatsApp does not have this feature (we can feel your heart sinking)… BUT modified versions of WhatsApp HAVE that feature. Modified versions of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp mods, are basically altered, improved and tweaked version of the real WhatsApp.


They are designed by third-party developers who use the official WhatsApp setup. 

It will still look, feel, operate like the regular WhatsApp but with added features and many advantages. 

Just take it as WhatsApp on steroids! 

Mod WhatsApp, include GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus. 

For this experience, we used GBWhatsApp and 100% success was recorded! 

How To Appear Offline On WhatsApp When You Are Online.

First, you need to download GBWhatsApp, the recommended safe site for downloading GBWhatsApp is, it’s safe, secure and up to date. 

After downloading your GBWhatsApp apk, you can install it in your device.

Just like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp will ask for your number, then verify the number by sending you a code, provide restore options and give you a security pin. Like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp also has end to end encryption, meaning no third parties are privy to your messages. 


After you’re done with the setup, you can open your GBWhatsApp which presents a chat screen with all your contacts just like WhatsApp.You then click on the 3 dots at the upper right of your screen. You will be presented by several options, select Privacy.More options appear, select Hide Online Status. Then you’re done! 


Even if you spend the whole day online, none of your contacts can see that you’re online. You can still chat and reply to messages and send voice messages or other media, it just won’t show that you’re online. 


Give it try and let us know how things went! 

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