Here Is How You Can Send WhatsApp Message Without Typing It

All things seem to be possible in the world of geeks. Did you also realize that you can actually send instant messages using the famous messaging app, WhatsApp without having to genuinely type them? sounds inconceivable, isn’t that so? WhatsApp has such a large number of cool features that the vast majority of its 2billion clients probably won’t think about. On the off chance that you are one of those individuals who detest typing and incline toward conveying utilizing video calls, voice calls, and voice notes, there is additionally another way that permits you to communicate easily. The component is called Dictation, and lets you speak messages into your mobile’s microphone – then translates it into text. Unbelievable right?

Send WhatsApp Message Without Typing It
                                                      Send WhatsApp Message Without Typing It

Step by step instructions on how to use WhatsApp Dictation

So as to utilize WhatsApp Dictation, you fundamentally open a chat, hit the text bar, and afterwards tap the keyboard microphone symbol. This will initiate the microphone and will start dictating all that you state. The microphone will proceed to listen, and WhatsApp will keep on dictating as you’re talking. It will deactivate following a couple of moments of quietness. Once WhatsApp has recorded all that you’ve stated, you send your message in an ordinary way.

There are two or three different things to note when you use WhatsApp Dictation. To begin with, you can use punctuation marks by saying them out. For instance saying: ‘comma’ or ‘question mark soon after saying something. Besides, it is suggested that you speak clearly to give WhatsApp the opportunity with regards to dictating your message effectively. Doing as such in a calm situation will likewise help in this regard.

On the other hand, you can likewise watch the video underneath on the best way to send a WhatsApp message without typing it.

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