Awesome Computer tricks and pranks to impress and intimidate your friends

So I am really in love with computers, and when you are an expert at something, you don’t just know the good stuff only, you also know the dirty tricks and stuff, so today I am gonna share with you guys some of the cool stuff from my bag of tricks. Bear with me, this is the simplest I could find, some of it is too complex, but if you are all for the complex stuff, you can request me to write and I will only be too happy to oblige. Now enough of that let’s get down to business, Today we are going to explore some awesome and silly Geeky pranks to play on friends, family etc

I want you to try these tricks on your friends or workmates at work tomorrow, or if you have a computer at home, you can start practising today.

Computer tricks and pranks

1) The Old-School Favorite: Move the Desktop Icons, Take a Screenshot, Set as the Wallpaper

Most geeks have done this at some point in their career, because it’s both simple and irritating, especially for somebody who isn’t expecting it. The basic principle works as one of a couple of ways:

Create a new folder on someone’s desktop, then name it to something embarrassing like my favourite porn or whatever, then take a screenshot of the desktop with the icons where they are, even better: flip the image upside down before doing it, set it as the wallpaper, and then hide the desktop icons.(To take a screenshot of the desktop, go to desktop then Press ctrl +shift+prtsys button, prt sc button is after f12 on most keyboards, then paste(ctrl+v) into paint then save it). They’ll keep clicking, but nothing will happen and they will think their machine has frozen, caught a virus or something…


Tips for those not very familiar with how computers work

On Windows machines you can hide desktop icons by right-clicking on the desktop then choose view and untick show desktop icons, this then hides all the stuff on the desktop.

To open paint press the windows button or start menu and simply type paint, paint is Microsoft’s built in image editing software.

2) Switch the Keyboard Layout To DVORAK

If you really want to screw with somebody without installing anything, just enable the Dvorak alternate keyboard layout that even most geeks aren’t familiar with. When they type, everything will go haywire. Head into Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Keyboards –> Change keyboards, then click the Add button and pick the Dvorak layout (or any other random layout you want). Once you’ve done that, use the drop-down above to set the default.

3) Stick a Message Into their System Clock

You can easily stick custom text into the clock that sits in the taskbar—and most people won’t have a clue how to switch it back. Just head into Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Additional Settings –> Time, and change the AM or PM symbols to whatever you want.


4)Add Common Typos or Funny Words to MS Word’s Dictionary or AutoComplete


There’s any number of possibilities for this one, and the sky is really the limit—the idea is that you put something custom into the AutoCorrect so whatever they type gets replaced with something else. You can go subtle with it, and just replace a properly typed word with a typo instead, or you can get in their face with something more fun—like making anytime they type their name end up replacing it with “<Name> is a jerk”. Loads of fun.
For Word 2007 or 2010, head to the Office button –> Options –> Proofing –> AutoCorrect Options. For previous versions… I have no idea. If you want this to be system-wide, you can use AutoHotkey instead.

5)Set the Mouse Pointer to Look Always Busy (to Make Their PC Look Like It’s Hanging)

Nice and simple, but oh so fun! Just head into Control Panel –> Mouse –> Pointers and change the Normal pointer to the busy one. They’ll think their computer is hanging all the time, but it’s really not. For extra fun, you could make the mouse pointers gigantic.


6)Activate High Contrast Mode (with a Single Hotkey!)

There’s a built-in accessibility option that can be very confusing to somebody who doesn’t know how to turn it off, and it requires only pressing one shortcut key sequence:

Shift + Alt + Printscreen

That’s it. Once you press that key combo, their desktop will get flipped to the high contrast mode—you can press it again to go back to normal. The great thing is that even if their computer is locked, you can enable high contrast with the icon on the lower-left corner. On Mac OS X, you can press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+8 to invert the screen’s colours.

Another similar trick is inverting the screen, where the screen will look upside down or sideways, what you simply do is press control then alt and then any of the four arrows, ideally you want to click the down arrow for it to look upside down or you can try sideways. to undo this(in the event of trouble simply press control then alt and the up arrow or key. TIP When i say press control then alt and arrow, you don’t let go of the other buttons, they all have to be pressed, you don’t press one at a time.


And oh there is always my  favourite HOW TO LOCK SOMEONE OUT ON THEIR OWN PC, press windows start button and type in SYSKEY, check if it has ticket the radio button that says encryption enabled, then update and, click on startup password and enter any password that you will remember and then OK, next time they log in they will be asked to enter a password and hence they will be locked out of their own machine


Tomorrow if I am in the mood(based on the number of likes and shares I get on this post) I will teach you guys how to remove someone’s windows password without knowing their password and replace it with your own.

This trick is a good one to fix your boss or to irritate some prick you hate.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this on someone you know has a short temper or whatever, am not responsible if you get your ass beat or get in trouble. Also, this is information and tricks are meant as a tutorial, strictly for educational purposes and to a considerable extent as awareness so you don’t get punked or pranked and if you do, you know how to reverse it, at any rate almost everything i have outlined here is easily reversible save for the syskey trick, that one you have to be on the guard and beat the hackers or potential intruders to it.

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