How To Fix Windows After It Has Failed To Start In 3 Steps

So the your Windows OS PC has failed to start, no matter how many times you have tried to power it off and on.

Each time you try switching it on, it remains frozen on the Windows logo and you aren’t getting the ‘Welcome message’ aka the blue screen of life.

How To Fix Windows

Before we tell you how to try and fix it, lets look at some of the common causes.

Why Windows Has Failed To Start

Your PC’s BCD, (binary-coded decimal) may be missing or corrupt. This is mainly caused by disk write errors, power surges and outages, viruses in the boot sector and configuration errors.

The file integrity system may be compromised or the file system may be corrupted or damaged. Usually this is caused by turning off the computer while it’s in the middle of writing crucial data to the boot sector.

Method 1

Switch off your PC or restart it, upon restarting, press the F8 button and hold it until a blue screen appears, showing boot options,

Press down the arrow until you reach to ‘Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)’ and press enter. Wait for it to finish booting, you should see the ‘Welcome’ after you finish.

Method 2.

Download Easy Recovery Essentials on a disk and USB.

Boot your computer, which will automatically read Easy Recovery Essentials on your disk/USB

Easy Recovery Essentials will present you with several options, including “Automated Repair” which you will select.

Easy Recovery Essentials will scan all your disks and analyze, test, and repair problems within the PC. There is no need to intervene during the process. It will identify and automatically fix any errors.

Once finished Easy Recovery Essentials gives you a report on its findings then you click restart.

Method 3

Insert the windows disk or USB then restart your computer and boot from the disk and USB.

Select ‘Repair your computer’ and choose the operating system from the list.

Select the ‘Next’ option and choose command prompt (cmd)

Enter the command chkdsk C: /f /r

It will check, scan, analyze and repair the errors found in all your computer disks.

Don’t intervene, it’s an automated system.

Once it’s done then you can restart your computer.



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