Join Google Play Early Access And Get Apps Updates Before Release

So, you want to call dibs on an application before it becomes available to everyone?

Have you ever wanted to get the upcoming application updates before all the others do?

Join Google Play Early Access

Like when everybody starts raving about it and you’re like I know, fam I had it before it was cool!

We all want bragging rights, chalk it up to fear of missing out.

I mean, if you’re a geek or just want to be part of something cool then this is for YOU.

This is very possible and if you’re an Android user welcome to the future.

Google Play Early Access program is where it happening folks.

Just What is Google Early Access Program

(Thought you’d ask)

It’s basically a beta testing program which let’s developers pre-release their apps early, to a selected number of people so they can do some sort of test run to see if it’s viable.

They also perfect it during the beta testing phase.

So once you become part of the early access program, you’re not just enjoying the benefits but also helping to identify bugs, glitches, strengths and you can communicate with the developers directly giving them feedback (nothing like a free lunch son!)

Think of it as the final trial phase before the app goes on the market (well at least it’s not some medication and you’re being injected *shudders*), it’s completely safe.

Maybe the only problem is that Beta versions of applications are unstable, because they’re constantly being updated to get the perfect product in the end.

So how do you join the Google Early Access Program.

It’s free by the way.

Maybe the snag would be, developers only take a specific number of people at a time and you might lose out on a beta version program of the app you want, but keep the faith, because updates are forever rolling in.

So, you simply open Google Play Store

Right at the top bar there are options and the last one is Early Access,tap on it.

You will be presented with Apps which are in the development phase and if one tickles your fancy, you tap on it and tap install.

Alternatively, search for the app you would want to be a beta tester for and tap on it and then install

Follow the instructions which come with the app,basically most ask you to update and afterwards youre switched to the Beta version.

Another option is to directly join the beta program of an application.

Open Google Play Store

Find the application you want, tap on it and check if it has a beta version available by scrolling down on the app page and tapping on developer contacts or app details

If there is a beta version, it is mentioned then you tap on join.

Like we said earlier, sometimes beta programs are full and you might not have a chance to join but once other people leave you can join.

Its allowed to leave beta programs as well and switch back to you ordinary version.


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