Huawei Releases Phone With Censors That Takes Body Temperature…. This Is How It Works

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us a thing or two about survival and about being more health conscious than ever before.

Huawei Releases Phone

It is no surprise that the digital world caught up with the rest and decided to make things much easier.

Enter giant Chinese ICT company, Huawei, who dropped the new android phone this week.

The new Huawei phone comes with censors which take body temperature.

It’s not a new concept to use mobile phones to take body temperature.

It has been tried before and it exists to a certain degree.

Actually smartphones have multiple built in
thermosensors. These are used to sensor the temperatures on phone hardwares like batteries and chips.

Temperature readings from devices which are constantly heating up and cooling down can be a tricky business and often results in inaccurate and sometimes absurd readings.

Samsung and Motorola even dropped phones with thermometers at some point.

However the struggle was real as one had to cool the device first from any accumulated heat, which includes the one from your body/hands. See.. tricky business.

As a result some phones had to do away with this concept as it wasn’t successful as they would’ve liked.

Some phones can read body temperature as well but they’d have to use third party applications which in turn depends on the phone’s thermosensors .

As we have already highlighted the the disadvantages of relying on thermosensors alone .

How The Huawei Honor Play 4 Works

The new Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro has a built in sensor which enables one to read body temperature of humans and objects alike.

The temperature sensor is on the phone’s rear camera block and it can read temperatures ranging from 212°F to – 4°F

Its fairly easy to use as you just open the app, point the sensor on your forehead for several seconds and it makes a temperature reading.

According to Weibo, for now it is only available in China

The Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro reported to be selling for USD420

While this is not a sure fire way to establish that you have or don’t have Covid-19 and you’re sick , as you would need medical professionals to establish that but it is a nudge in the right direction!


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