Facebook Features And Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Facebook has over 2.5 Billion users making it the most popular social network in the world. We compiled the list below of a few Facebook Features And Tricks you never knew existed. We hope they will enhance your user experience.

1. Check All The Photos Liked By Someone

This one is a bit of a privacy bummer but Facebook allows you to check out photos liked by anyone in your friend’s list. Go to the Facebook search bar, type ‘Photos liked by’ followed by the name of the person. You can even filter the result by adding ‘this month,’ ‘this week.’ ‘today,’ etc. Facebook will tell you about all the photos that he/she liked in that particular period of time.

2. Use Facebook Lite To Save Battery

If you have ever noticed, The Facebook App on mobile drains your battery due to its high power consumption. To help matters you can install Facebook Lite. It has toned down features but your battery will thank you for it. You can find it here.

3.Restrict Friends who can see your posts

This is a useful feature when you want to prevent some of the people in your friend’s list from seeing your posts. To achieve this set the privacy of a post to Friends. Now go to the friend’s profile whom you want to restrict from seeing your post, and tap on the Friends options. A drop-down menu will appear. Select ‘Add to another list’ from it. Now scroll to the bottom, find and select ‘Restricted.’ A warning will appear that this friend will no longer be able to see your posts. Ignore it.

4. Check How Much Time you spend on Facebook

This is another feature that will help you decide when you need intervention. Using Facebook is not bad but if 12 hours a day are spent on the app, Then its time to for a rain check. Launch the Facebook App> Go to Menu>Go to Settings and Privacy. From here scroll down until you find the section Time you spend on Facebook. Tap on the option and you will get to see how much time you are spending on Facebook.

5.Set Someone Who Will Manage Your Account When You Die

Someday we will all die. Facebook lets you set what is called a Legacy Contact. This person will be responsible for managing your account when you die. To set your legacy contact go to Settings>General>Tap on Memorization Settings. In this section tap on edit and set your Legacy Contact.

6. Mute Friends who spam your timeline

If some of your friends post too many posts and pictures and flooding your newsfeed, there is a way to  Mute Them for a certain period of time. Tap on the 3 dots appearing on the top-right corner of the person’s posts. From here you can select Hide or Snooze. Choose the Hide Option and you will never see their posts. Snooze hides your friends’ post for a cerian period of time.

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