Whatsapp Hidden Features And Secrets You Never Knew

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. It is used by  2 billion people and the number keeps growing daily. New features keep getting added and it can be quite overwhelming keeping up.  As users, some of these great updates pass us by and we may use the apps for years without exploring all of them. At yourdailytechtips.com our job is giving the best tech advice in a simple manner everyone can understand. We have compiled the list below explaining new hidden features on Whatsapp you never knew existed.

1. Hide Group Photos And Videos From The Gallery.

Whatsapp groups tend to quickly fill your gallery with photos and videos you have no control over. In some instances, people send crude images that may be inappropriate for children. WhatsApp has fixed this problem and all you need to do is Navigate to the WhatsApp group and tap on the group name to access the option. Scroll down to Media Visibility, Select ‘No’ and you will never worry about the media again. Please note this method won’t remove already existing WhatsApp images in your gallery (you will have to delete them) and will hide new incoming media only.

Hide Group Photos And Videos From The Gallery

2. Hide particular contacts from viewing your story/status

Whatsapp statuses are a great way of expressing your mood and can be quite personal. There may be certain people you may not want to view your status..ie your boss, your parents, inlaws etc. Open Whatsapp Settings>Account>Privacy>Status>’My contacts except’..choose the specific contacts to avoid and tap the tick mark below. If you want to further limit who sees your status choose the third option “Only Share With.”

Hide particular contacts from viewing your story/status

3. Delete Whatsapp Messages After You Have Sent Them.

We have all done it before, you are on Whatsapp and you send the wrong message or embarrassing picture by accident. Back in the day you would be screwed but now you can quickly revoke the message before the damage is done. To further sweeten things messages can be deleted for up to 60 minutes afterwards. Long press the offensive chat>Select Delete For Everyone and it will be like nothing ever happened.

4. Limit Data Used By Whatsapp.

Depending on your Mobile Data Plan, Automatic Downloads of Media can deplete your capped date quite quickly and become expensive in the long run. To restrict how much data Whatsapp uses Navigate to Settings>Data And Storage. From here you can choose what Whatsapp can Download using your Mobile Data.

Limit Data Used By Whatsapp.


5. Read Messages and Hide Blue Ticks

There are times you may want to read messages without the sender knowing. Go to settings>Privacy >Uncheck Read Receipts. This method however will mean you won’t be able to view if others have read your messages as well.  A second option is to read the message in the notification panel. Another neat trick is to turn on Airplane Mode, read the message and then turn Airplane Mode Off. This way ,  you can read the particular message without disabling read receipts and without the sender knowing. Quite Handy when you don’t want to offend your partner.

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