Get Started With Facebook Tips And Tricks To Get The Best Experience

So what is this Facebook? is it a book, what is it about? why all the hype? Love it or hate it. Facebook is here to stay.

Today we are going to touch on Facebook, things you should know and how to use it. Facebook is known as a social networking web site. Which basically, is designed to connect people together, enabling them to share information between themselves free of charge.

With more and more people connecting to the Internet using their mobile devices the Internet is more and more accessible and as our lives get busier with more to do in less time. Facebook has been found to be the modern way in which family and friends from near and far share their lives with each other.

You can find long lost friends and family on Facebook and establish communication. In brief, Facebook offers profiles for individuals and pages for organizations. More on organisation uses later.

Get Started With Facebook

Some terms used on Facebook include:
Post = To type a message or place a picture on a page or profile
Wall = Notice board of a profile or page
Like = Show your approval of a post/picture or page
Status = A thought/suggestion/comment that you want to share with all your friends
Friend = A person who is linked to your Facebook page

For all the good Facebook has to offer, there are some risk areas such as addiction, lack of privacy, impersonation and being a productivity killer which you need to be aware of, these are explained further below:

Facebook addiction is a known problem amongst users who can spend hours a day updating their profiles.

Privacy of information on Facebook profiles is very difficult or impossible to achieve due to the public nature of the social network platform. Further to this removing information that has been posted/placed on Facebook is very close to impossible due to the rapid spread of information across the internet.

Facebook Features And Tricks
Get Started With Facebook Features And Tricks

There is no guarantee that the individual behind a Facebook profile are who they say they are. People have been known to consider their personal popularity by the number of friends they have on Facebook.

Employers have been known to visit Facebook pages of potential employees to get the other side of the story – which can be good or bad depending on which side of the fence you stand. International research has shown that companies who allow their employees to access on their computers at work can reduce employee productivity by up to 30%.

On the positive side, using Facebook as a “Facebook page” for your organization is undoubtedly the way to go. Organisations ranging from churches to local government departments, from one person consultancies to universities all benefit hugely from Facebook profiles.

Facebook is being used more and more as a business tool. It is being used as a very effective online market place to connect with existing customers and even to attract new clients. Through Facebook’s vast user base, companies are able to advertise products, services and even close sales. Customer care and service reviews are carried out as various clients comment on the firm’s services.

In closing, Facebook is no longer just a personal social platform, it is now an official marketplace and I never thought I would say this but I have seen first-hand how critical it is for organizations to have Facebook profiles every organisation wishing to raise awareness, selling a product or service needs to be on Facebook to have a fighting chance of surviving the online age we have found ourselves in.

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