Top 5 Sleep And Relaxation Apps You Didn’t Know Exist But Need In Your Life! 

We can’t deny that we’re now living in the digital age aka the information age where vast information can be accessed, retained, passed around in the blink of an eye, without the need to move around. A lot of applications promising to change our lives in the blink of an eye have flooded the market. Some applications are the real deal, what you see is what you get and some are just like a snake oil salesperson, you feel shortchanged! We all have our own little quirks and indulgences and wouldn’t it be exciting to know that there is an application which caters to our seemingly ‘mundane’ wants and needs, like for example sleep and relaxation.

Without sleep and relaxation, we would be fuses waiting to detonate at any given time. Which is why we have compiled these apps designed to cater to your nighttime needs and wants. From sleep to relaxation, meditation and even a little nighttime adventure before bed. So here we present some of the best nighttime apps you might not have known existed but need in your life. Behold a gift from Morpheus, the god of sleep, you didn’t have to go to Mount Olympus for that one! 


Sleep And Relaxation Apps


Sleep Cycle App 


It monitors and synchronizes with your sleeping patterns by using the accelerometer inside your phone. After placing your phone beside your pillow at night, the app will monitor your sleep movement throughout the night by plotting them on a graph which will show you how well you slept through the night. The graph over time can also show you how significant events and changes can affect your sleeping pattern so you can make adjustments if need be. 


It also has an alarm system which is designed to wake you up just at the right time by working with your sleep rhythm and movements. For example, if it feels you’re now experiencing a light sleep phase it will wake you up. This feels better than just being jarred from a deep sleep with a noisy alarm and you have to force yourself to get out of bed and your brain will need an hour or more to catch up with the rest of your body. 


 It uses this data ease you into waking you up at the optimal time 


A Soft Murmur App 


Yes, that’s what it is called. According to Google play store it ‘mixes together ambient nature sounds to help, you relax, focus and be productive’ We all have sounds which take us to a happy place, perhaps you love sleeping, writing or working or relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves, or a gently flowing river/spring, or birds in the sky or of the rain. Then this is your app. You can listen to the sounds at the desired volume and even mix them, one on top of the other. 


How wonderful! 

Sleep And Relaxation Apps
Sleep And Relaxation Apps You should Try Today



To those who love star gazing at night, it’s time to shoot for the moon and land among the stars. Not only does it help with star gazing but it lets you know which stars you’re gazing at and their names as well! This application shows the constellations and even the planets that your phone is currently pointing at. Imagine knowing Venus or Orion is right above you.

Calling on the geek squad, let’s do this! 



Well, colouring books and coloured images are just not for kids only! Recolor gives you an adult colouring book version with more than 1000 images which help you relax, calm down your mind and ease you into a meditative state. The pictures change daily, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the same picture every day. 


We know the names keep getting weirder but that’s the whole fun process. Pzizz is designed to help you with getting good sleep or even a power nap! It does this by using a combination of a soothing voice and binaural beats (audio recordings with different sounds being played in each ear). It is believed to influence brainwave activity 

Do try out these apps and we’d love to hear your experience with them! 

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