This is Why You Should Switch To Facebook Lite Today

Ever checked how much data the Facebook Mobile App used and were shocked by what you saw? Are you also worried about battery life and how the  Facebook App seems to be draining it? If Your answer to these two questions was yes, your problems are going to be solved today. We are going to be teaching you about the benefits of switching to the Facebook Lite App.

Facebook Lite is an application designed for low memory, low storage phones. Users are also able to use Facebook Lite in2G Mode making it ideal for use in remote areas with limited connectivity.

Below Are some of the reasons to switch to Facebook Lite:

  • It allows you to save space on your phone…The Facebook application is a  57 MB download whilst Facebook Lite is a mere 1.59 MB. that’s about 96.5% less space.
  • This application is designed to use less RAM and CPU power saving you battery life and does not affect your phone’s responsiveness.
  • Facebook Lite still works on those outdated or older phones that struggle to use the modern Facebook App.
  • Facebook Lite uses less data and this means that it is so cheap to use than the ordinary Facebook application without compromising user experience.
  • Facebook Lite is designed to work on slow networks. So Anyone whether in developing countries or third world countries can still use this application since it is designed for slow networks such as the 2G network. Even if you have a high-end phone with 4G, Facebook Lite will save you on your data bill.

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