Here is how you can go offline on WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet (Mobile Data/Wi-Fi) on Android phones. By doing this, your friends won’t see your online status. You can use this method to make people think that you are not available to chat on WhatsApp; Regardless your phone has the internet or not.

WhatsApp has become very popular and these days people are using it as an alternative to SMS. However, Unlike SMS, WhatsApp shows whenever someone is online or not. If you are Online on WhatsApp, That means anyone can send you a message and expect to get an instant reply from you.

However, there are some situations, where you don’t want to receive messages or maybe just want to show to others that you are offline, while you are actually not! There can be many reasons why someone would like to hide that he/she is Online on WhatsApp.

Below is a recommended method you can check on how you can appear offline on WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet on your Android/iPhone.

Recommended Method: Go Offline on WhatsApp without Disconnecting Internet

So to hide the online status on WhatsApp and still use the internet on your phone for other purposes like Facebook and YouTube, etc. For Android you can go to your phone’s Settings

  • Phone Apps
  • Open Downloaded Apps
  • Click on WhatsApp
  • Tap onForce stop WhatsApp.

After this, you can now use your phone for other things without getting disturbances from  Whatsapp message notifications. You mobile data or WiFi will still save the same purpose on other applications.

So there won’t be any need to worry about missing important calls because your phone will not be on mute and on Airplane mode.

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