The Difference between FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp

Just by looking at the components of both FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, one can not tell the difference between the two.

Nearly all the features on FM Whatsapp are somehow similar to those on GB Whatsapp.

The Difference between FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp
The Difference between FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp

Both Applications are very popular. They have cool features and have gained critical acclimation compared to the Original Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are different versions of Whatsapp with more exciting functions and features.

This article will, however, help you to differentiate FM Whatsapp from GB Whatsapp and to make a choice on which one you can go with.

Differences between FMWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp

Both FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are great WhatsApp modes.

The two Applications are slightly different regarding features.

GBWhatsApp is more advanced and has some exciting features, FMWhatsApp is more practical and secure, coming with more privacy features than those on GBWhatsapp.

On the other hand, FMWhatsApp is more customizable than GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp looks more similar to the original WhatsApp application, besides security concerns, GBWhatsApp uses the same server as the original app, providing a bit more of security.

FMWhatsapp is a modded version of WhatsApp, it was designed to remove any restrictions the original app may have.

Also unlike GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp is the foundation for comprehensive and independent features that most users were looking for but couldn’t find from the original version of the app.

FM WhatsApp

In addition, both FMwhatsapp and GBWhatsapp are not available on Play Store, so one has to rely on APK sites to download.

However, when it comes to interface personalization, FMWhatsapp is more flexible, as it accompanies a theme store for the app customization, whereas GBWhatsapp is less flexible.

FMWhatsapp is updated frequently thus increasing the chances of losing unprotected data, while in GBWhatsapp it takes time before updating the Application.

When it comes to themes, FMWhatsapp is loaded with many. GBWhatsapp has, but a limited number of themes.

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Generally, FMWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp contain the same modified features, they both fall under unofficial Whatsapp.

Now it is up to an individual to pick which Whatsapp to move on with.

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