Simple and Smart Ways To Check If You Are Blocked On Whatsapp

Do you want to check and know if your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend has blocked you on Whatsapp or they just deleted your number and changed their privacy settings? Now here is a smart way to check on who blocked you on Whatsapp.

If you want to know whether someone has blocked you or not, you need to get a clear understanding of what happens when you block someone.

1.Check on Last Seen:

This is one of the first things you need to check (Last Seen).

Open the conversation platform and check the time stamp which appears below the person’s name.

If the Last seen appears then you are safe, you are not blocked. However, if the timestamp is blank there is a possibility that you have been blocked.


2.Check on the Profile Picture:

A low percentage of people can do without a profile picture on Whatsapp, so this technique is more reliable than the first one.

To check on the profile picture the process is similar to that one mentioned above.

Open the profile of the person you suspect to have blocked you and tap on their profile picture. If you have been blocked a notification will pop up written No Profile Photo.

So if you can’t see their profile picture chances are that you have been placed among blocked contacts.


3.Single Ticks:

When the other person is using original Whatsapp message ticks can help you check if you have been blocked on Whatsapp.

Message ticks are those small green, blue or grey icons that appear at the bottom right side of the message.

The ticks determine whether someone has received or read your message.

When blocked, there will be a single grey tick. In a normal situation, you should see two ticks and that indicates the message was received, thus showing you are not blocked.


4.Check for the delivery status:

On this technique you have to send a message to the suspected person, After sometime highlight the message and tap on the circled ‘i’ which appears at the top of the chat.

The information feature will give you information on the time the message was received and read. If nothing appears there is a good chance you have been blocked.

With the above information, there is no need now to call someone and ask if you have been blocked or not. you can just follow the steps and know without asking.


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