Optimize Your WhatsApp Network To Be Faster.

Slow WhatsApp network connection is one of the frustrating setbacks on the instant messaging app. Slow connection leads to WhatsApp taking longer than expected to open, videos sometimes taking too long to upload or download and messages being delayed.

There could be numerous reasons as to why the application experiences slow connections. But many at times these problems have nothing to do with the application itself but your mobile internet connection which may be too slow to allow the exchange of messages.

  • Check Internet Connections

To access the instant messaging app, all data is sent through Wifi internet connection or mobile data internet connection. The speed at which you receive and send messages is highly dependent on your mobile network provider’s signal strength from your location.

It is advisable to always your internet connection and find out if it is strong enough to access the internet. Signal strength can be seen at the top notification bar of most phones while advanced settings can be accessed from the phone’s internet settings.

  • Switch between 3G and 4G

Most poor WhatsApp connections are experienced in areas with poor coverage or with 2G / 3G signal, stay away from these.

Advanced network connection or signal strength optimization can be changed manually and automatically depending on your location. Hence you can navigate between 4G and 3G to asses which of the signals is accessible from your location, and stick to these parameters.

  • Use Wi-Fi

In cases where these are not applicable, worry not for the problem is with your network provider and not your phone, or the application. You can change your mobile internet provider in such a case or better use the Wi-Fi connection.

Wifi is a lot more reliable and stable at times depending on your network provider.  These connections are hooked onto fiber or ethernet connections and, once you encounter slow connections on your WhatsApp while using such, consider restarting your router, restarting your phone, and/or contacting your service provider.

  • Automatically Switch between Mobile data and Wi-Fi through Third-party applications

In a case where both your Wi-Fi and mobile network connections are acting up, we recommend installing a third-party application to speed up the internet connections on your phone.

The third-party applications allow you to use multiple internet connections simultaneously from any location by monitoring and optimizing the quality and speed of your internet connection. This will help speed up your WhatsApp messages.

Such applications include Speedify. You can download and install Speedify from Google Play Store.

  • Clear Cache

Cache memory is junk data stored temporarily on the RAM and it jeopardizes the phone’s performance resulting in slow WhatsApp connection.

It needs to be deleted, and to do so, navigate through your phone’s settings to the Application Manager and clear cache from every application; Settings > App Settings > Installed apps > WhatsApp > Delete cache/data.

  • Turn Off Low Data Usage

WhatsApp has an option on its settings to either allow more data to be used when calling or not. Reducing data usage automatically means low data is used and slow connection results.

You can choose to switch it on when in need to speed up the WhatsApp network connection through navigating WhatsApp Settings>Data and storage usage, scroll down to Call settings, and check the little box under Low data usage.

All being said, slow WhatsApp network connections are not always because of an internet failure but can be due to various reasons explained here.



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