To Retrieve Lost WhatsApp Messages on iOS and Android.

It is normal to lose messages, deliberately, by mistake or by phone fault. If you are amongst many regretting having lost messages and wondering how to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages, here are more updated solutions you can use to restore them on both iOS and Android.

Firstly, I’d like to emphasize that it is very much important to backup your WhatsApp withing the Whatsapp application itself. WhatsApp does automatic backup on your messages sometimes, just not every time.

For iOS devices, backups are automatically made to either iCloud or iTunes backup. You can check if your backups exist and when last your backup file was made by going to your WhatsApp> Settings> Chats> Chat Backup.

To retrieve lost messages, make sure you do a backup first then uninstall and delete your WhatsApp from your device. Download and install the application once again, then follow the procedure to restore your lost messages. All your messages you need will be restored back.

For Android users, backups are made on Google accounts. Backups are usually made automatically at 2.00 am but you constantly have to go and manually backup on your own.

To retrieve lost WhatsApp messages, you have to uninstall the WhatsApp application then reinstall and follow steps shown on your phone that give you options to restore all your messages.

There are also plenty of options, better ones for that matter that ensure you can effortlessly retrieve lost messages.

One of the most powerful and feature-rich is to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages is through dr.fon – Data Recovery for both Android and iOS devices. This software allows you to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages without having to backup your data or data that has never been backed.

All you need to do is download and install the software into your Windows or Mac computer.

Once installed, open the software to the main menu and connect your data cable connecting your Android phone to the computer, or your official Lightning USB cable when using an iOS device.

Retrieve lost whatsapp messages

Click on the Data Recovery option on the left side of the screen on your computer where you will be able to choose where you want to scan for your lost WhatsApp messages.

Retrieve lost whatsapp messages

You’ll then be able to choose whether you want to scan all the files on your device, or only for deleted files.

Retrieve lost whatsapp messages

Once the scan is complete, you are able to see the results of conversations you can then choose to recover.

Select the boxes you want to be saved to your computer and click “Recover to computer” to save the messages to your computer.

Restore messages

After which you can then open and restore your lost WhatsApp messages back to your phone.

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