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One may be wondering why so many people are fascinated by Whatsapp Dark Mode, or why other people have a different display color on Whatapp.  Some may want to know what Whatsapp Dark Mode is and how to activate the feature.

Dark Mode on Whatsapp is the way to go, it is a mode one can use to display dark surfaces on the Users Interface. It reduces light on a device, hence it is an eye-soothing option.

Whatsapp found out that the contrast of pure black and white can lead to eye fatigue, so it made use of a dark grey background instead. It also used colors and other design elements to make sure that the most key information stands out.

Advantages of  Dark Mode:

There are several reasons why you might consider changing your display surface to Dark Mode, some of the reasons are.

  1.  It saves device energy. For devices that use OLED or AMOLED screen one should consider using Dark Mode because it is the best on saving power. Darker screens use less power.
  2.  It is good for your eyes. The dark text on a white background is good in teams of readability, it is also good on reducing eye strain in low light.
  3. The Dark Mode reduces light glare and improves contrast and readability.
  4.  It looks cool and brings a bit of change from the All White Interface.
  5. It makes a huge difference in how you use the service.

How to enable Dark Mode for Android Phones.

WhatsApp Dark Mode available these days on these to - Sahiwal

For iPhone users, the process is just the same as that for Android Users.

If you can not find the option, just make sure you download the latest version of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Dark Mode has been the most requested feature on Whatsapp over the past years. Now you can manually set dark mode for WhatsApp.

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