How To Update Expired Modified Whatsapp Version:

Modded WhatsApp versions have gained massive popularity amongst instant messaging apps -users for their cool features not present on the original application.

Because they are far less secure than the original WhatsApp, they are not available for download from the Google Play Store.

This makes it so hard for its users to find the latest app’s version for updating. This is quite a frustrating issue for the fans as they often times get blocked or banned from using these applications or get to download some ads which are not linked to what you looking for.

For this reason, a manual update is required every time the application expires.

Here is How To Update An Expired Modded WhatsApp Version.

To download Modded WhatsApp versions visit;

  1. for FMWhatsApp
  • When modded WhatsApp versions expire, a message constantly shows on the app as you use it.
  • When this happens, it is high time you visit the download site stated above and check if there is a new version or not.
  • Note down the version number you have installed on your device and compare it with the one available on the website. This is to determine if there’s a new version for update or not.
  • If it is a higher version, first back up your chats on the app you are using.
  • Note that there is no need to uninstall or delete the previous version of the app you are using
  • Go straight to the website and click the download button.
  • When the download is complete, start the installation process.
  • After you install the app, open, and it would have updated on your old WhatsApp version.

An alternative to this update method is by updating from the application itself.

  • This can be done through the messages you receive on the application, or manually by going through the menu tab, the three-dots on the top right corner.
  •  Here click on the Fouad Mods option then scroll to the ‘Updates’ button where you can check if there are new updated versions of the app or not.
  • If there are, click on the update button,
  • And, and the application will automatically update itself.

This works for all modified Whatsapp versions since they are not available on play store.

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