How To Watch Netflix For Free, Beat The COVID Blues

If you are reading this, you are stuck at home and bored out of your mind.COVID 19 is not going away anytime soon and now more than ever entertainment is what will keep you occupied during your long stay at home. This is where Netflix comes in, with a vast catalogue of movies, tv shows and documentaries, you will be guaranteed countless hours of content for less than $12 a month. However given the current predicament, the world is in, you may be broke but looking for something to pass the time.

You are in luck as you can watch Netflix for free for an entire month. You can do the process we are about to teach for as long as you like though we do not recommend it.

How To Watch Netflix For Free

1. Visit your Computer or Mobile Phone

2. Enter your email address and once done click on the big red button written TRY IT NOW.

3. If you completed the above steps correctly, you are taken to a screen where you will choose a PLAN.Netflix offers 3 alternatives namely BASIC, STANDARD AND ADVANCED. If you have a capped data plan, The BASIC package is most ideal as you will be streaming in Standard Definition which consumes less Data. After choosing your plan proceed to the next step.

4. After choosing your preferred plan, Hit next and you will see a page where you enter your desired password. Click on CONTINUE and you will be taken to a page where you enter your payment details. Even though you aren’t paying for the first month, you’ll have to enter your payment method’s information for Netflix to use for subsequent months. This usually includes your cardholder name, card number, card security code, and expiration date.

5. Hit The Start Membership button once you have entered your card details and if everything checks out, you account will be active and you can start viewing.No money will be deducted during your free trial and to avoid losing money simply cancel your subscription a few days before your billing date. In theory, all the above steps can be repeated with different emails and credit cards. Netflix invests a lot of money to deliver great content and the best you can do to support them is to become a paid subscriber after the first month.

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