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To provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively to executive management and the board of directors through the audit committee. To coordinate the planning, execution, and reporting in the area of core audit assurance and recommend changes and enhancements to existing policies and controls to make sure they are current, adequate, and functional.


Duties And Responsibilities


Key Responsibilities


Coordinates the annual risk profiling of the business in response to the strategy of the business.Develops operational standards and methodologies for the Internal Risk function by taking into account the professional standards and best practices.Provides input in developing Strategic Audit Plan for 3 year periods in liaison with the Head of Internal RiskProvides support to the following Group entities for the activities stated above: Mutare Bottling Company (MBC), HigherLife Foundation (HLF), Steward Bank (SB) & Steward Health (SH) in liaison with the Head of Internal RiskSelects assignments from the Annual Work Plan and assigns the Auditor-in-Charge and Audit staff and discusses the audit assignment with the Auditor In Charge and other assigned staffCoordinates close-out conferences with management at the end of each engagement and discusses findings before the draft report stage. Ensures that those involved in the opening conference attend the closeout conference.Evaluates and reviews reports on risk management issues and internal controls deficiencies identified for reporting to the audit committee and provides recommendations for improving the organization in line with the strategy for the business.Reviews the compliance checklist developed by the Internal Risk Officers and ensures that all key compliance issues shave been considered for testing in line with approved internal policies and procedures or other external guidelines/ legislature (compliance testing based on applicable national legislature- Companies Act, ZIMRA, POTRAZ).Assesses and makes appropriate recommendations for improving the governance process in the accomplishment of the objectives of EWPL for approval by the Head of Internal Risk.

Qualifications And Experience


Qualification, Skills, and Experience


Degree in Finance, Accounting, and Risk Management or equivalent.A relevant vocational qualification or equivalent e.g. Chartered Accountant Zimbabwe (CA Z), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)4 to 6 years experience in a similar or related environment and 1 year of which should be in a Middle Management position

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