I visited my friend in joburg and i happened to meet Nosipho the first day we went out and everything just sort of turn up side down. Handisati ndamboona mwana arifast zvakadai but atleast aiziva kuti anoda mboro and she was sure of what she wanted.

We went kumaRasta in some club in Newton Johannesburg and we were dancing to the tunes and then i met her. She was twerking and dancing to the beat and i moved closer. I pictured Bev Sibanda achitamba coz aive nebody inenge yaBev. Ndakafunga ndichimuita zvinhu zvisingaite and right there on the dance floor mboro yangu yakamira. I moved closer to her and she saw me and closed the gap between us with her shaking A$$. I had no choice than to hold of to the gyrating woman. Pace yacho yekuShaker was massive.

Ndakamutenderedza ndokunditarisa and right there we danced takatarisana and next thing i know we are kissing. I looked down and saw a sparkle of my wedding ring but i ignored it and focused on the kiss. I told myself that zvekuSA will stay kuSA. I asked her name when we broke the kiss and she said her name was Nosipho. We danced some more until she said she was ready to go. With that she went to the ladies and came back with her handbag and looked at me with that look that said “are you coming?” I ran towards her and we stood outside. She took out her phone and went on uber and got a car which arrived in less than 4 minutes and we were on our way. She was staying in town or Braamfontein i think and it was a short ride.

uj-babe (1)

We got there and pamberi pangu akabvisa hembe dzese and she came towards me. Kwedu kwaRobert varume ndivo vanoda beche but kuno kwaZuma it was a different issue. She took lead and ndokundibvisa hembe dzangu dzese and ndokukisser mboro yangu. Aiwa kwete kukisser but kuyamwa mboro yangu. Akaidya zvekuti ndakada kutunda…. But haana kumira and ipapo ndakazama kuita control but zvakashaya basa. Ndakatundira mukanwa make and she swallowed like she was drinking a bottle of wine.

Next hanzi lets go bath and we went and she washed me and i washed her. After that we sat and she opened her fridge and went thru pizza boxes and put some in the microwave. We ate pizza paya tisina kupfeka and tichingopedza she already was on me. Ndakatambiswa mboro kusvika yamira and right there pasofa ndakatambidzwa condom ndokupfeka iye ndokugarira mboro. Akatambisa chiuno achinakirwa nemboro achirova zvake up and down kusvika atunda. Ayiita kudedera pakutunda kwake…. She finished her ride with a bang and ini condom ndakazadza nekutunda again.

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