I have been married 10 years and i was almost in my late 30s, hanzi ladies don’t tell their real ages but isu vamwe we don’t care about that. So i was 36 years old and things seemed happy mumba medu but problem was after 10 years of marriage murume wangu aitadza kundisvira kusvika ndatunda.

Aive nemboro hombe but what good is a BIG Engine if you can use it. So one day i was excited to the point that after 10 years of marriage i cheated on my husband with Jairos aishanda pachigayo. Its a funny story but hey i will do my best to explain it.

I was walking home from the bus stop when it started raining and the only shelter that was close by was pachigayo so in my heels i rushed kuenda kuchigayo kuya. There was a man there who was covered in white substance i suppose i was mealie meal since he was in a mill. I greeted him and he said his name was Jairos and i asked for shelter until the rain stopped. He said as long as i promise him a kiss he would give me all the shelter i wanted. I knew he was joking so i just smiled and said fine. We continued with small talk as the rain was pouring down and my mind was going into overdrive now thinking how it would feel like to kiss some other man not my husband.

Since i was born i have only been with my husband, i never experimented in school and so the curiosity got the best of me. It t hen so happened that we started talking about the rain and that is when i blurted out that i have always wanted to know how it felt like to kiss in the rain. Jairos was a fast one… He looked at me and said no need to wonder some more, its raining already, all you need to do is go out and we kiss…. I looked at him and he had a smile on his face that said a lot… I said lets do it and we rushed into the cold rain and started experimenting. It felt weird at first being in another man’s arms but that soon changed when the kiss got so heated up…

We got wet quickly from the rain and i didn’t stop Jairos when he pulled me to the store room next to the Chigayo. Imomo akandibvisa hembe and ndokundirarisa pakaSmall Bed kaivemo and akatanga kunanzva mvura yese iya yaive pamuviri wangu. He was way to patient and romantic because if it was my hubby dai tatopedza kuisana by now. But Jairos took his time. He explored every inch of my body and his touch felt electric.

I couldn’t take it anymore ndakatoita wekukumbira kuti andisvire. Akazobvisa hembe and that is when i almost fainted. I thought hubby had a big one, BIG NO it was tiny. Jairos aive nemboro and i wondered how a small built man like him would carry around such a load. He smiled and gave me assurance that he would be slow and gentle so i gave him all the punani.

Akaisa musoro chete and ndakayuwira nekunakirwa…. ndakachemerera nekunakirwa apa for the first time ndakaziva kuti mboro inonaka. Ndakamutarisa ndikamukisser ndikati Please Jairos isa yese. Akaisa yese but he was ever too gentle. Ndakanzwa rese richipinda richikwana mukati mangu against my better judgement. Akatanga kukoira manje and that is when i lost it. Pace increased and i screamed. The effect of the rain and fact that i was cheating for the first time made the whole moment very exciting.

Jairos waive moto muzhinji, Eskom kwete Zesa coz baba vaisvira ivavo. I don’t know what happened but he woke me up and it was almost dark. I must have passed out nekunakirwa. All i know is i wanted to go back kuchigayo. So i got home and hubby was there and i told him i was delayed at work and by the rain… At least it had stopped raining now. I suggested to hubby that from now on we eat maize meal from chigayo and i don’t mind going there to get it. So once a month ndinosvirwa naJairos muchigayo. This time i can scream all i want sezvo chigayo would be running….

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