Kukwira Cherol kuGame ParkKukwira Cherol kuGame Park

Kukwira Cherol kuGame Park ndobva tadzingirirwa ne Mapurisa

How can I best describe my sviro session na Chero Babie rinoita zvema massage? I can only say Earth quaking, heart-quirking, mind-blowing sviro guys!!!!

So i hooked up na Cherol sometime back ndaenda ku Massage Parlour where a friend refered me, She fuked me really good and ndakaspakwa rought but that was a bit of a controlled environment so I took her digits and arranged for a private match. Weekend ichisvika, ndakapinzira musikana, and then i picked her up.


Haaa guys ka, Cherol can easily pass-off as coloured. I suspect she has white/Indian/Portuguese blood in her. I will have to take her for DNA analysis! Silhouette skin, sort of velvet, incandescent, fulgent, refulgent, phosphorescent, lambent, resplendent with an equaling matching attitude all describe Cherol.

Now to to the sviro story!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I run out of superlatives to describe the experience! I have been with over a hundreds of women from across many continents. But my escapade with her totally took my breath away. I still have the after-tremors! Up until today I was not a fan yekudyiwa blambi. But today I can testify that I have repented from my ways of not liking them to loving them. Ohh Cherol, oh Cherol…

I was moaanning and groaning as Cherol mesmerized the cockles of my heart with each warm and moist stroke of my dick(Suck it like a lollipop). I suspect she has tiny hands in her mouth that with be caressing bambo. I was about to come and nearly had an accident! Yes Cherol is a freak of nature! She was blowing me as I was driving the car. This was intense!!!

Kukwira Cherol kuGame Park
Kukwira Cherol kuGame Park

Cherol is a combination of a beautiful chick whom upon first glance you will think you are going to have a girlfriend experience then BOOOM!!!! The freeak in her is unleashed! I had to stop her from riding me reverse kow-girl whilst I was driving. I didn’t want this to be the last day I taste such delicious gambi. Anyway we decided to drive to a game park and have wild sviro! The beast in me was unleashed too. She jumped on top of me for some kow-girl action. This didn’t last long because we were interrupted by the police. How many of you have ever run away from ZRP with an erect dhik? This was epic, hahahaha

When we were a safe distance from the cops we continued from where we left off. Reverse kow-girl, lizard style, missionary, then doggie! I came bellowing like a bull being slaughtered. This is hands-up the best sekisi of my life.

I have an idea! We should send Cherol to the Olympics to represent Zimbabwe! In fact, if there were inter-galactical sekisi world cup she would represent the Milky Way galaxy!

Kutaurirwa kunyimwa, mbare dzekumusana

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Kukwira Cherol kuGame Park ndobva tadzingirirwa ne Mapurisa

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