My hubby’s young brother recently visited us from Zim. Original plan was he would stay for a week or two tichionana but plans suddenly changed. He’s now going to stay and look a job.

Problem is this young brother is HOTT! He is tall and he has these rough big hands like those of a bhinya. He looks at me with lustful eyes and he makes me feel uncomfortable. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind doing a thing or two with this young fresh man. As some of you know, my hubby travels a lot and I am not sure I can resist this eye-candy when my husband goes away tomorrow for 2 weeks!!

2 whole weeks..what should I do, the urge to do more with this young man is so strong am afraid of what’s going to happen.


So ndini uyo … I got home after work last night and he opened the door wearing a white hoodie and white pants (dayum… do u know how cute this man is?

Anyway… we greeted and I sat down and he made me hot chocolate and were just talking about nothing really….He offered to cook last night and he made a DELICIOUS dinner and gave me a glass of wine while he cooked.

Mmmmmm amana… rice, ribs, salad… it was really really good.

I then went to bath the baby whilst he did the dishes. After the baby had slept we sat and watched TV…we watched Heroes. He got a call so I was now making moves to go and sleep hangu and he stopped me… and held me real close and started massaging my lower back and getting all too close (dayum… do u know this man was made to be a love machine… the way he touches, the way he smells… the way he does everything) and then we started kissing VADIKANI…. I WILL SAY IT ONCE AGAIN… THIS MAN WAS CREATED FOR ZVINHU ZVAKADAI!!)

I have kissed many men in my time but mmmm this one… the sounds he made and the way he held me… the way he kissed me vakomana ka…. From the kitchen counter to the fridge to the wall, to the bar stools and he is strong but at the same time he was willing to be pushed. Touching these tits and sucking them like he has never sucked tits in his life… like am his mommy

His manhood….Its huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and it was so hard kumira kunge a tree trunk —- it spoke to me in ways I cannot put into words lol


I couldn’t think anymore, my head was spinning, I felt weak..then my phone rang and guess who it was! My hubby..boy did I get a fright and I quickly went to the bedroom and locked my door and never came out till this morning!

When I left for work he was still asleep am shy to go back home this evening


Two days later ini na bamudiki we still carried on like nothing had happened!

On this day I got home a bit late, ndanga ndambopfuura zvangu nepa Dros nema girls for a drink or two. I’d had 2 glasses of wine (dry red) and I was a bit tipsy. Ndakasvika bamudiki vatobika zvavo and he was just about to eat. He dished for me and we sat down and ate whilst we just had small talk.

There was tension though, because we never discussed that other incident yekukisana and smooching.

After eating I decided to go and shower whilst he offered to do dishes. I decided to help him with the dishes seeing that he had cooked. I cleaned the stove and the counter whilst he did the dishes. We laughed about how my hubby can never be found doing any household chores…ah this man is an angel I tell you! 

I decided to sweep the floor, I was going to use a broom but I decided kuita zvemutsvairo chaizvo. I bent down (not with my kees) and started sweeping. When I got to the sink he moved away going kumashure kwangu. I got a feeling that he was staring my backside ndakabva ndanyatsofongora zvangu sendaida kukisa pasi ;D ;D. 

Chiriporipotyo I fel his hands holding my waist and I could feel his strong and erect manhood rubbing against my punani!!  Mmm I felt good but then quickly said “Aiwa bamdiki mirai I need to take a shower” 

Vakabva vandisiya zvavo and carried on with the dishes whilst I then went to to take a shower! 
I then proceeded to the shower and I left him still busy in the kitchen. As i got into the shower I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and how he touched me..imika!!  

Few minutes later guess what!!  There stood a big, dark man in front of me. Unoziva kana uri mu shower you can’t really see what’s outside ka. For a moment there I thought I was dreaming but no…there he opened the shower door and his nude body just made me weak!  Vanga vatobisa hembe dzese vari musvo ( he sure doesn’t waste time!) 

My V jay jay pulsed with excitement when I realized I was about to get what I’d wanted for so many weeks. He didn’t say a word, just came up behind me and started kissing my neck, his big hands caressing my stomach and tits, occasionally wandering down to tease my clit-area, as I moaned softly and ground my bum up against his hardening dick. Veduwee ka vakafa havana chavakaona!! Ndakanga ndatopinda mudenga rechinomwe.



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