I boarded the 07:00 City Link Coach from Byo Rainbow Hotel ndakananga ku Harare to see my boyfriend. It was a surprise visit because he’s birthday was coming up during the week and there was no way i was going to able to celebrate with him since i was working. 13:00 tangatapinda mu capital city since ma coaches akarongeka takasvikawo according to schedule. I hopped into a taxi and i went straight to my boyfriend’s flat and iye he wasn’t home i jus helped myself in, since i had my own keys.

The place was a sty i tell u..Ma bachelor anewuchapa i started cleaning up the. place. there was empty bottles and take away boxes jus everywhere.. it didn’t take me long to clean up in moments there was a woman’s touch in the house.

I jus thot i should jus relax on the couch, and i heared my baby’s voice at first i thot he was on the the fone but i heard some giggles n a voice of another woman. i didn think of the worst i jus thot i should jus quickly check myself before he gets into the house. like a ninja i jumped into the bathroom quickly fixed myself up n as i walked out screaming surprise i was more surprised to see my boo kissing another woman ryt against the closed door vechito bvaruranana hembe. Ah ah ah!

He was perplexed and bewildered and so beside himself he jus froze there n opened his mouth but nothing came out. The other woman was now asking him who the hell i was n he jus started apologising to me.. i wouldn hear non of that i went and grabbed my shit and i was out. He tried begging me to stay and i was really done.. I can’t believe i came all this way for such rubbish i told him. i flagged down a taxi which took me straight to the show grounds. The idiot tried running behind the taxi and i thot to myself wat an imbecile he could’ve gotten into his car and followed but oh well that wasn gonna change my mind..

Soon as i got to the show grounds i found a car that was saying one Bulawayo ari serious i was lucky i got there in the nick of time. Plus it was getting dark and i had nothing to do with this sin city! i jus wanted to be out of it asap. Off we went the driver was blasting his Tuku music having his castle lager.. on another day i would have protested but my head was spinning and i was livid. i jus didn think a person who loved u could betray u. i was so deep in thot i didn hear my fone ring. the guy next to me gave me a nudge telling me to attend to it. It was the cheat i jus cut the phone. N i couldn’t help but cry. Thank goodness it was now dark outside i jus cried silently until i fell asleep. i woke up when we were in Kadoma for recess. i jus bought water n crisps then i went to sit in the car. it seems most of the passengers emptied in that town. it was jus the driver his friend n the tall dark n handsome guy i was sitting next to.. we hit the highway and they were playing Bunny Wailer now..That kinda lifted my spirit i love reggae music its wat postive feelings sound like.. so the handsome stranger asked if iwas alryt.. because he’d seen me cry..i told him the whole story and he jus listened after that he said my idiot boyfriend was an arse. lol. after that he offered me a drink he was having viceroy and an energy drink i took a shot then i diluted some in my water bottle..

Handsome guy introduced himself and told me he was in the military, air force and that he was going as far as Gweru. we chatted and got to know each other and we were fast approaching Gweru.It was late now around 19:56 apo i had to touch down Byo that same night. with the two guys in the front who were visibly drunk i was jus scared for my life.

My thots were interupted by a very loud bursting sound and that smell of tyres was jus now in the air.. we veered of the road a stopped ahh i had my heart in my hands i tell ya, but tipsy as he was the driver was in control of his car and very calm. Handsome guy had put his strong arms around me and he was asking if i was ok. Of course i wasn’t ok i was aroused by his muscular body touching mine. we then jumped out the car and started flagging down other cars it wasn long till an open truck stopped for us.. driver anga asina kana spare wheel plus apera basa coz of all the alcohol they were downing. i took my bags tika jumbira ku dog section tese and in 20 Mins we were in Gweru. Handsome guy had promised to take me to the Byo lifts and tamutown akati lets grab a bite then we go to my place.. I asked how the plans had suddenly changed and he said he’d neva forgive himself if anything had to happen to me. That was the sweetest thing really so i jus thot why not..After all i was a single lady.We got pizza and beers n we got on to a taxi and we went to his cribs.We got there and it was a neat place. spick n span everything was in order. the guy was so clean i asked if he had a maid he said nuh he jus hates living like a pig
i jus laughed thinking of the idiot cheat’s sty.

He showed me the bathroom and i freshened up i was really tired and a bit tipsy so a bath really helped. i got into my sleeping short shorts n a top then i went back to Handsome ‘s cosy one room. i threw myself on the bed and i started going through my fone i had tons of msgs i jus ignored them n i caught handsome staring at me wanting me.. as if embarrassed by that he decided to go take a shower. when got back i was dosing off so i guess he thot i was sleeping then he applied lotion on himself now i was alert watching his chiselled body.. my gaaad i was drooling and so was my pusy. Damn i thot to myself i should have some of that. he got into his boxers n switched off the lights n he jumped into bed n faced the other way..

My body temp had shot up n i was feeling hot n wet ndakutoda nyama chaiyo.. besides it had been a while since i had got some action. i jus thot ndofireyi nenyota makumbo arimubvura. i jus threw my leg over his n i cuddled him from behind.He was shocked i guess but he didn’t complain i told him i was a free woman n that he could do wateva he pleased. I knew he wanted me coz i could feel his.boner. he kissed me passionately i felt my legs opening automatically he put his hand in my shorts and he started to pull my klits aside to make room for his middle finger to enter me. Damn he said.. u so hot n tight nhasi uchasvirwa nemusoja ukamama.

kkk that was raw, but it made me want him soo bad. He went in for a kiss again this time he would nibble on my lips n suck my tongue..n he planted many kisses on my neck going down to my naval n he gave it a lick damn this guy had me screaming with want and lust as i came violently. He asked if he could switch on the lights he wat to see me.. his cok was making a tent in his boxers so i asked him to relax and i would take care of him. he did jus that and i removed his boxers. i knelt before him as if worshipping his seriously black thick cok, and i put it whole in my mouth. i gagged a bit n i started giving him a bj. i watched him tilt his head back and.he grabbed my head as if to find grip he was moaning really loudly n told me he was coming i wanked him until he came on my boobs..then i made him fuk my double DD’s as i licked the tip of his dik head.

love yemusoja

he shot another load n he said it was now his turn. he wiped himself clean n e too. he then open my legs wide n he buried he’s head between my legs n stsrted eating me. fuk! it felt so good he was tongue fuking me and using his fingers jus as i was about to come he stopped n he started to use his dikhead to rub my klit. i wanted it bad im sure he saw the look in my eye… He put it all in at one go…my body kinda froze from the sensual shock…. mmmm unonaka iwe he whispered in m ear.. i felt him go.deeper the depths i’ve never encountered ever. I held on to him n i came, he asked if we could change position i said i wanted to be on the top.. He lay there wanking his large member waiting for me to straddle him i got on top and gave him the fulll view of my clean shaven pink puni.

He helped me up n he shoved his member. i started grinding my pelvic bone into his..he picked my rythm and he started wining his waist line too. this was minding blowing, i even secretly thanked the cheat for creating such an opportunity he had never made me feel this way ever. i came again and again. Handsome then turned around for doggy he kept going and going slapping my arse . i love this guy he’s loving and kinky.. he was even pulling my hair.. he was punishing my pusy like thre is no tomorrow i could feel his balls knocking on my bathole and he started getting stifff i knew he was about to come so i told him to come inside. he shot a load and sort of colllapsed on top of me. we wiped off the juices and cuddled.

I Went back To Byo end of the weekend. Ndakutopengeswa ne love yemu soja.

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