This is Why Parents should Monitor Children’s Online Activity

Children are the reason why we wake up every day and work tirelessly. They grow so fast before you know it, they are teenagers and are using social media. Social media was intended as a tool for communication and bringing the world together. However, it is prone to abuse and has become every parent’s nightmare. Many are left wondering what their kids are up to online and whether they are safe. Youngsters are prone to social network addiction. this creates physical and psychological issues among young people such as depression, anxiety, etc. Teenagers are constantly under pressure and in detrimental competition with their peers online.

On some social networks, users share unsuitable content in the form of explicit videos, which may affect young children and teenagers. Cyberbullying is also of major concern.

Social networking sites are often used by paedophiles as an easy way to access children and young people for sexual abuse. Moreover, some sites allow users to share locations. Sharing the location and pictures is dangerous, this may result in children being kidnapped or even getting robbed because the stranger would have manipulated your kids to an extent that they will give them all the information. 

Monitor Children's Online Activity
Monitor Children’s Online Activity

Also using social applications all day long is just a waste of time for children because they will spend a lot of time socializing and won’t have time to study. That is why it is necessary for parents to set parental control on social platforms.

Today at we have compiled some tips on what parents can do to monitor their children’s online activities.

Parents should search and make use of KidsGuard Pro. It is a highly recommended application for monitoring your children’s activity online. Parents can do a number of things with the help of this parental control app. 

With this application parent can:

  •  Check how their children are using Whatsapp
  •  View WhatsApp Messages
  • Check WhatsApp Photos
  • Check SMS
  • Check Locations

In case you are worried that your teenager may discover you are spying on them, the app is 100% undetectable. It is also user friendly and simple to use.


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