Read Kindle Books Without Amazon Kindle Device

So you want to know how you can still access, buy and read your favourite kindle books from Amazon, without an actual Kindle reading device or a Nook or any device meant for ebooks? 

Perhaps you don’t have one or the one you had malfunctioned and you’re stranded. It’s fairly easy and Amazon has tools which enable that feature so its totally legal, no hacks. We understand that not everyone has a Kindle device at home and with the lockdown, you’ve probably gone through all the hardcovers and paperbacks in your house. 


You need something to read and while up time as soon as yesterday. Bookshops are closed and ordering just one book and then waiting for days for its delivery doesn’t sound too cool. Moreover, hard copy books cost a bit more than soft copies on Amazon, plus shipping costs etc.. go figure. A Kindle version of a book is basically a soft copy of the said book, same story, same ending and same layout because Kindle has features which enable a true reading experience, from page layout, lighting, font etc, it will feel like the real thing. 

So basically you need to go to Google Store and Download Kindle application, Google play store usually gives you the latest versions of any application with the option to constantly update. Alternatively, you can go via Amazon itself by using its search engine. Just type in Download Kindle Reader. It will give you several options, including Kindle for PC, Kindle For Windows, Kindle for MacBook, Kindle for Android etc… you can just choose which version of Kindle is compatible with your device and operating software. After you download, you can then install, it takes not more than 2 minutes to install the kindle app in your device.


After installation, it will launch and voila you have your Kindle waiting. To buy ebooks on Amazon, if you don’t have an account you need to register for one and it’s free, you just need signing in email. After you fill in your details, you will get an email which will ask you to configure your account and complete sign-in/registration on Amazon. 


Once you configure by clicking on the link then you have an Amazon account now. 


You can begin to search for your favourite books and authors by hitting the Amazon search bar. Remember to buy your book in Kindle format. 


After ‘one-clicking’ and completing payment details, the book will be automatically delivered to your Kindle app, it takes less than a minute. Alternatively, you can link Amazon to your Kindle app by registering your Kindle using your Amazon sign-in details and password. 


Kindle App gives you that option to register your account. That way your Amazon and Kindle are synced. You don’t have to go to Amazon to find a book. Kindle has an inbuilt Amazon book store and it will also make book suggestions for you or highlight current best sellers for you.


You can search and one-click your books from your kindle app. 


Also, you can download your Kindle application in as many devices as you want and when you buy a book, it will appear in all devices in case you want to switch devices. 


Happy reading!

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