booty-2There was a time when I was ordering a lot of things online. I had actually got addicted to it. Shopaholic zvangu ndichitenga shoes and stuff. I noticed kuti I seemed to be getting the same delivery man, akange achiunza zvinhu zvangu. Well, there was the odd one or two other delivery guys but I seemed to acknowledge this one more.

After a few deliveries… I naturally got chatty with him. Just general chit-chat iye ari padoor rangu ndichisaina for my deliveris. I had never really looked at him differently as like in a sexual way. I had always assumed kuti pakange pane kaprofessional boundary. I was grateful kuti he was delivering my parcels and he just seemed friendly.

One day… there was a know at my door. I opened the door assuming kuti it was the postman or more of my deliveries. I was expecting some parcels anyway. Ah, I opened the door and saw my favourite delivery man. He did not have a parcel in his hands. So I was a bit puzzled wondering why he had knocked.

I spoke to him, ‘Hi… can I help you?’ ndichitoshamisika naye. He smiled at me and said, ‘You have a parcel for me to collect.’ Ini ah! ‘No I don’t. Who has requested the collection? I did not request one.’ He then smiled and apologised saying, ‘Sorry, I must have got the wrong address.’ Ummm ndakazvidhauta stereki izvozvo. I just said, ‘Oooo kay, well I don’t have anything for collection!’ He apologised again and left. It wasn’t until after I slammed the door shut that the penny dropped! Suddenly my eyes opened up ndikaita sendavhenekerwa! Mashavi ekupusa. Hooo asi mukomana uyu wanted something more.

Ndakatosekerera ndichishaya kuti asi akange achindida here. It was most unusual to have such a caller padoor… getting the details ekuita collection so wrong. I tried to forget the incident but pfungwa dzebeche rangu dzakange dzaakundituka kuti sei ndaregerera mboro ichienda.

Weeks passed I had more deliveries but not from him. I was now question myself kuti asi I had offended him here or akange achitonyara zvake kudzoka kumba kwangu. He came round to my door one day. I had actually forgotten about kunoka nhando kwaakange aita before. When I opened the door and saw him standing there… I couldn’t help but smile at him because he knew kuti I knew kuti the only reason he had knocked at my door was to try and get something. Puss*! Ndisingazive hangu if he had other intentions.

I took my parcel and signed for it. Then I engaged him into conversation asking him how he was. Mukomana akapindura hake achingoti he was ok. I then asked what his name was. Iye ndokuti, ‘Steve’. He knew my name already semunhu akange achiita maregular deliveries kwandiri. He asked me how I was… and I replied, ‘You really don’t want to know.’ Steve ndokuti, ‘Well I would not be asking you if I did not want to know.’ Nechemumoyo ndakatoti; Ok now this guy now has my attention!
There is nothing I love more than a man who shows kuti he is really interested in what I have to say. I then told him, ‘Well, I have been having some relationship problems recently and I am not feeling very…’

He interrupted me, ‘Ohh you poor thing, shame. I am so sorry to hear that!’ Yer right, as if! Ndakamuti there was no reason to feel sorry for me really because it was my problem. Ndakatarisa chiso chake and I could see kuti he looked sorry for me. I thanked him for my parcel and he turned to walk away. That was when I called him, “Steve!” He stopped and turned round. “May I have your number?” I don’t know kuti chivindi chokukumbira mukomana phone number yake ndakange ndachiwana kupi. Zvimwe zvinhu kungofemerwa nekusimbiswa mumweya! He did not hesitate. Akabva aburitsa kapepa kakange kari muhomwe yake and he handed it to me.

I was a bit surprised kuti he aready had his number written down. I did not want to comment on that but I gave him a facial expression iya yekunge kuti ok, so he had planned this already! Ok. I sent him a text about half an hour after he left my house. He immediately responded. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. Tick! I asked how old he was and he said 45. Tick! I liked that he was much older because I significantly younger.

He asked me if I wanted to get close to him as in if I wanted him to be his boyfriend or just someone to service my puss*. Because I was in a relationship, kudhara, I told him kuti ndakange ndichida hangu kungotamba naye. I made it very clear for him so that he understood mamiriro enyaya yedu. Gone are the days ekunyeperana muchiitana tumapromise tusina basa tunozokonzeresa kuti munhu abatwe achichita. I asked if he was ok with that. He thanked me for my honesty and said kuti akange achitondida on any level. Whether as a fu*k buddy or a real boyfriend. That sorted, we moved on to discuss when and where to meet. My boyfriend was away nebasa for a week so I had time and space to see Steve.

I really did not have a boyfriend at that time. I just wanted the delivery man to know kuti he could not walk in and out to fu*k me as he pleased. Besides ndakange ndichida excuse to stop seeing him if I discovered kuti akange asingagone kusvira or akange anekamboyo kadiki! He did not care what relationship I had with him as long as he got to see me. He actually meant kuti he did not care as long as he got to fu*k me! He asked me when he could see me for a cuddle. Ndakapindura telling him kuti he could come back that very same evening! Kufa kwakauya uku. I had to see him as soon as I could.

I had just said that hangu thinking kuti he would be busy with his friends or he already had plans for that evening because this was short notice. But he surprised me and said that he would come and see me kuma8pm. I was really excited. I put my kids to bed and had a shower. I then waited patiently for 8pm. In that waiting time… just the thought of Steve, made my puss* very wet. Ndakange ndakuvara nezemo zvekuti. I had to go back to the bathroom to wipe beche rangu and dry it up a little. The wetness was just too much!

He arrived right on time and parked down the road from my house. Steve looked really sexy. He was very masculine and I could tell that he went to the gym on a regular basis. His arms were so toned and he looked like he did some form of body building. He had a handsome face and all in all, he just looked delicious! I could not wait to get a taste of him. Akapinda mumba mangu and I closed the door behind him and he kissed me tichiri padoor ipapo. I loved how his lips felt on mine. He had told me earlier in a text that day kuti his favourite thing chaaifarira on me was my butt and boobs.

As he kissed me at the door… his hands grabbed magaro angu and he fondled them firmly. I heard him say, ‘Oh God… I love your butt!’ I smiled at him and grabbed is butt too as we kissed. Tit for tat! Eish magaro ake akange ari firm and fleshy. I told him that I loved his butt too. I couldn’t help but imagine him using that butt drive his co*k deep into my puss*.
We walked into my lounge while kissing and helping each other undress. We were both desperate to fu*k each other. He had wanted me and fantasised about me for a very long time. All he wanted to do was to feel and fu*k my puss*. Me being the understanding woman that I am… I had to help him get exactly what he wanted.

He sat me down on the sofa and ndokubva apfugama on the carpet in front of me. He immediately buried his head between my legs! My soaking wet puss* was getting first class treatment. Imi! His mouth sealed my puss* and his tongue yakakwesherera its way into my juicy puss*. I screamed with excitement and told him that I loved what he was doing to me.

He then pulled my bum towards the edge of the sofa, pressed his tongue deeper into beche rangu and sucked hard on my very sensitive clit! Ummm… ndakaita kakuscreema ndichinakirwa nazvo. Kutofinyamisa chiso changu nevharirira tumaziso twangu… nekunakirwa chete. Kkkkk. I wrapped my legs thighs around his neck and my legs crossed over on his back. My hand rubbed his soft head of hair. He was kneeling in such a way that his buttocks were siting on his heels. I found myself sliding down the sofa and my thighs stretched apart and rested on his hips. My puss* landed on his hard sharp co*k! I could feel its thick head spearing into my puss*… “Ooo god Steeeve!”, I cried. “Oooo fu*k…”

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