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booty-2He pulled me down even more… and his extremely hard trouser snake slithered its way deep into my pyussy! Oh shit! My back was now resting against the sofa. He pushed my head back, making my boobs stick out more. I felt his hands move up from my waist and squeeze my boobs. His lips reached for my nipples apa achindisvira beche rangu nemboro yake. Ummm it felt rather nice. I began moving beche rangu ndichikurunga mboro yake. “Oooh you are going to make me cum… ohh god, oh” ndakachemerera.

My body weight on his cyock made it dig even deeper into me. I could not hold back for too long and my orgasm exploded as he fuc*ed me harder. He pulled my back forward and I wrapped my hands around his neck. Akandirarisa pasofa and he got on top of me. His body was heavy but not too much. It was just perfect. I could feel that a real man was on top of me. Akapfekera mboro yake mubeche rangu ndokutanga zvake kurovera magaro ake kunge hammer iri kurovera chipikiri. Amai!

He made sure kuti I took his whole length in and it felt perfect! Ndakanyerekedza musana wake nenzara dzangu as he hammered my pyussy. Aaaa before long akange avekubowa ‘Oh baby here I cum… Oh baby.’ Beche rangu rakabva ratanga kupfura-pfura, richidzanyirira nekumedza-medza mboro yake… as he came inside me! It was such a special fuc* zvekuti we both knew kuti we had to do it again. Especially reapeating izvozvo zvatakange taita that evening. He had not budgeted on just how good black pyussy was going to feel around his white cyock.

Takazonwa hedu wine and sat pasofa cuddling each other. We seemed to have a lot to say to each other I actually felt like he was going to make my perfect soul mate. He always got up early every morning to go to the depot to pick up his parcels for delivery… so he told me kuti he needed to be leaving. Dzakange dzavakuma 9.30pm. I understood that he had to go. So I stood up to give him a hug and a kiss.

Manje the way we kissed each other was so arousing… we could not keep our lips off each other. We got heated up again and he pushed me back and reminded me kuti he really had to go. I immediately got onto my knees and pulled is jogging trousers down. Akashamisika nazvandakange ndichiita and asked, ‘Ohhh what are you doing now… that is so naughty.’ I grabbed his dangling and lifeless cyock and sucked it into my mouth.

Ndakazonzwa ave kuchemerera nekunakirwa nekudziirira kwaiita mukanwa mangu pamboro yake. It responded very well and before long yakange yamira zvakare. I pulled my skirt up and bent over for him pasi pacarpet. I ordered him to fuc* me. He got behind me and fuc*ed my pyussy exclaiming how he had never fuc*ed a second round on the same night before. I encouraged him and told him that he actually felt better inside my pyussy on the second round. And it was true. Beche rangu rakange razvimbirira after the first round. Second round was both soothing and paining. The perfect feeling for any pyussy!

Haaa sha sha yakazenge yabatirira magaro angu zvino yave kubowa zvakare nekunakirwa. I asked him, “Do you like that… do you like my pyussy?” He responded saying, ‘Oh baby I love your pyussy! I love it, love it…’ and he came in my pyussy again, achifemuruka! Steve akazunguza musoro in disbelief as he withdrew his cyock kubuda mubeche rangu. I turned around and kissed him with words of warning ndichiti, “I have a very high sex drive…. you better be up for it. Just warning you!”

He got up and pulled his trousers up. We kissed and he left my house. When he got home, he sent me a text saying akange asvika mushe and that he thought I was such an incredible, beautiful, and interesting woman. All the normal stuff I knew about myself already. Kkkk! I could not wait to see him again. I would ideally have wanted to see him the very next night but he said that he was tired and needed to rest otherwise aizoita accident on the road achiita madeliveries ake. Ini hangu zvengozi bodo. So I told him kuti taizorongazve another time.

Two days later, I invited him to pass by for a 10 minute cup of coffee during his round yemadeliveries ake. He thought that was so nice of me to offer him that. Tea, he wanted. I like coffee zvangu. He gave me a time yaakange achizosvika. 1.30pm. Steve akange ari very good with time keeping. 1.30 ngo, uyo akanoka padoor rangu. Akapinda and we kissed and hugged pamukova. I then led him to my kitchen and he commented on how nice and cosy my house looked. I made him a cup of tea and a coffee for myself. We stood in the kitchen drinking it tichitaura nyaya.

He enjoyed kutaura nyambo and knew how to keep me amused. Tapedza kunwa mahot drinks edu, I asked if he wanted to see the rest of my house. He commented that he had some deliveries to do quickly akange ari timed. I insisted kuti it would be a quick look around. We went upstairs and quickly showed him the kids room showed him bedroom yangu last. We got in and he again commented on how lovely it looked. We kissed and hugged and he turned to leave achimhanyira kubasa. I held his hand and pulled him back.

I then kissed him and rubbed my hand pakati pemakumbo ake and upwards to feel for mboro yake. He was getting hard zvishoma. I then kept my lips on his lips while my hands unzipped his trousers. He tried to pull back and I begged him. “Please Steve… just a small fuc*. Just 5 minutes.” He really did not know what to do so in that split second of indecisiveness, I took advantage and pulled his cyock out nepazip ipapo. He tried to say no and but my mouth quickly wrapped round his cyock and I was sucking on it. ‘Ohhh god!! You’re so bad!’, akashinyira as his cyock hardened even more.

Manyemwe aSteve… he looked at his wrist watch and really wanted to leave. I made him sit on my bed pushed his back kuti arare. I got on my knees and sucked his cyock harder kusvika yaakubuda siriri. Akachemerera Steve achinetsekana nemari yakange acharuza because delivery yake yakange yanonotswa necup yeTea!

I was wearing kamini skirt ndisina panty zvangu. Ndakange ndatomurongera kare! I then mounted him and fuc*ed my pyussy on his hard one. Steve akabatirira magaro angu and he knew kuti he had to punish me for making him miss his delivery. He pushed magaro ake mudenga fuc*ing my pyussy. Ini ndakamutswanyirira nebeche rangu ndichimusvira. Ndakamonyerera mboro yake ndichinakirwa nayo. I just loved being on top. It felt really nice. He then pushed me off his cyock and got up. He quickly got himself properly undressed and sat at the edge of my bed.

He pulled me to get on my knees and suck him again. I did just that, proud hangu kuti I had made him stay. Steve akandirarisa pamubhedha and he got on top of me. He drilled my pyussy really hard… and deep. He kept saying ‘You made me miss my delivery… you are so gonna pay for it!’ I giggled hangu enjoying the hate fuc*! Mboro yake yainaka zvekuti and I was about to cum. He knew that I was about to cum and pulled his cyock out of my pyussy. I begged him to put it back in and he said ‘Ok in a minute. Just suck my cyock a bit more!’ I then sucked him off and he came zvake in my mouth. I was not very happy with that because… what about me? What about my cum?

Ndakasvipa his spunk onto my hand and spread it on my tummy. I begged him to finger fuc* me and lick my pyussy so that I could cum too. He laughed hake and said ‘No!’ Then he began to get dressed saying… ‘That will teach you! You made me miss my delivery!’ I was so desperate to cum that I quickly opened my bedside drawer and grabbed my black-mamba vibrator. He was shocked by the size of it!

I sunk it into my pyussy and he stood there for a second watching me pleasuring myself. Ndofunga he thought it was rather erotic! But he had to go! Akamhanya downstairs and seconds later, I heard his delivery truck start up and drive away. I put my vibrator on the highest setting and pleasured my pyussy until I came. I was very angry with Steve kuti akange andisiya ndinenzara like that. How very rude of him! How very inconsiderate! I knew I had to punish him back. It would only be fair! Hanti?


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