Job Summary


Bouncers are typically the first club/bar employees patrons meet when entering and the last people patrons see when leaving a club/bar. Their bouncer duties may include controlling access to the club and providing security for the crowd inside the establishment and outside the door.

Their goal is to project a positive image of the establishment and build customer loyalty.


Duties And Responsibilities


• Greeting patrons and checking IDs
• Collecting cover charges
• Providing security and safety
• Maintaining bar supplies, when needed
• Protecting bar patrons and staff
• Monitoring bar or club perimeter for safety concerns
• Assessing customer aggression or intoxication

Qualifications And Experience


Physically fit
Excellent verbal communication skills
High school diploma or equivalent
Ability to assess threats and over-intoxication
Comfortable talking to people
Ability to manage multiple people and situations while maintaining composure
Previous experience working in clubs or bars
Police or criminology back ground

How To Apply


Closing Date:
Tuesday, 22 February 2022
Interested in candidates to submit applications and CV with traceable references to


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