I was once happily married. My husband would take me out and show me off to the world tichifara hedu enjoying ka life kedu.. He was always a sweetheart always spoiling me. To be honest i was the luckiest woman alive even our friends would envy wat we had..

We were then blessed with a baby boy a year later i was pregnant again, yea we were popping them like pop corns. Motherhood took a toll on me hubby n i wouldn get that quality time anymore the kids were in the way my looks were least of my worries i jus let myself go..

Hubby would hardly touch me anymore..even those work events he used to take me to he would jus say u will be bored to death rather u stay with the kids. I jus felt like he was embarrassed of wat i had become…

Anyway to cut the long story short.. I then thought if i had to win my husband back i had to make some changes in my life. I joined the gym!
I had to take control of my life and stop feeling sorry for myself.

I hired a personal trainer who would grill all that unwanted fat right off of me. He was a looker my gaaad he looked like akavezwa jus muscle all over.. He was not very tall medium complexion and muscle everywhere.. He had these light brown eyes n full juicy lips the kind that would make u float to heaven if they were kissing u. He was soft spoken but very strict when it was game time.

The moment i saw him i knew i had to be on top of my game. I had to impress this guy i dunno why…
I mean we were worlds apart he was fit i was fat but i pride myself coz I’m also beautiful but there wasn much to show for it since i was out of shape.. Naturally i have a big bum narrow waist n big tits. I jus wanted to get back my body

So our sessions started with 2 weeks class of aerobics. This was fun n i did see results in that fortnight. We then started to do one on one. training sessions. The guy was ruthless he would push me till i cried sometimes. When i did the crunchies my thigh caught a cramp and i jus cried for help he jus said walk it out.. i begged him to massage me then he said i need to solider up.. Even so he came down to where i was n he started massaging me it was inappropriate but it felt good.. He also seemed to enjoy having his hands on me n he said we need to work out a diet plan. Ndakabva ndaziva kuti this is a window opportunity yekumuwona privately.

I told him to come by my place the next day we can jog around the block n do some exercises ikoko. He said he would be there kuma 08:15. I got home to thoroughly clean the house tichibatsirana na sisi. I was jus feeling randy so i thought let me prepare myself for hubby. I had nice bath made dinner and waited for him to come home. He didn’t even notice the efforts i had put in to make this a special night. He said he was ok vadya nema colleagues ake he just wanted to sleep coz it was a big day tomorrow. My feelings were hurt. He went straight to bed akaruma foni, he even goes to bath with it. I knew kuti he myt be entertaining other ladies pa foni but he has been shutting me out for a while now ndazvijaira.

I sent sisi in an errand ku ghetto kwana gogo i knew she would take time to come back. I asked hubby to drop the kids i had something to do. By 08:00 the house had cleared i had it all to myself.. My trainer was prompt he found me warming up in a new gear. Showing some legs n cleavage..

I think this totally blew his mind and he said lets cancel the jogging n jus got straight into exercising. This guy was looking at me from a whole new angle a number of times i caught his eyes in my boobs. He was even gentler than he usually is at the gym. He jokingly mentioned that sex was a good way of exercising, i jus laughed to myself ndichifunga situation yangu na hubby.He said because i was a good student he would offer me a full body.massage. I knew exactly where this was going but i didn mind.


I showered first before the treat i left him having a smoothy then i slipped off. I had a quick one didn want to waste time. I invited him to the guest bedroom and he came with his gym bag. i only had my bath robe on n nothing else. jus like in a massage palour… He said it must come off, i was shy but off it went. He let out a whistle, n he instructed me to lay on my tummy. He started massaging me with his firm but very soft hands a moan escaped my mouth i was embarrassed i quickly explained to him that it had been months since my hubby last touched me. He said it was alryt i need not to be embarrassed. This time i felt kisses on my back damn this man was gentle i felt my body covered in goose bumps.

He turned me around n started suking my nipples which were already standing at attention. He nibbled on themn licked them with hands naughtily exploring inbetween my legs. He came on top of me n he kissed me on my lips he then removed his clothes when i was watching him damn this man was so fine he opened his gym bag n pulled out a box of cherry flavoured condoms, he then unleashed the dragon which was visibly ferocious in his underwear. He put it on slowly as if to make me calculate how many inches it is.. He picked me up n put me on the dressing table there was no need for 4play because i was already wet n ready.

He shoved it in bit by bit since it had been so long it wasnt an easy road. I put my feet on the dresser n opened wider to make room for him. He punished my pum pum going in deep n hard n i was screaming from ecstasy it felt really good n in moments i was skwirting all over him.. he seemed to like that a lot he’s like im his type of woman. He went in over drive i thot the kock would break inside of me achikurungira so mmm he also came. We jus lay on the bed gaining our breath.

And i invited him for a shower, the guest room also had an ensuite.. He washed my body and i washed his.. he made me step on the tub n he knelt and ate my puni like he was hungry. My husband has never gone down on me and this man was eating me like i was the last meal he will ever eat. I returned the favour and i sucked his dik n licked his balls that’s when he bent me over n made me touch.my toes it really did feel like exercising n he licked my puni n batihole in one motion n he wore a condom then he slithered his anaconda into me. this time i felt him in my womb. He was holding on my big ass achirova ndombolo kkk…

neniwo i was giving it all to him n i skwirted again he slapped my ass as he went deeper by then i was out of breath. he sat on the toilet seat and said i should come sit on him. Ndakampedzera zveshuwa akasara asingachagoni kuzvi controller akuchemerera.. I was bouncing my big booty on his dik ndichi winira waist line yangu. He held on.tight and i.knew the time was near he let out a loud AAAHHH! We jumped in the shower once again we kissed n held each other. He wanted more i couldn’t coz i had to pick up my kids from crèche.

We would sexcercise often with my.trainer… Now i have a HOTT body. Hubby is on my.case once again. but he needs to work out!

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