If u stay in jozi mayb u jus pass this place without care or noticing but the things that happen inside there, its a small lodge on lous botha ave, it has rooms by the hour or nyt at a cheap rate.

Let me give u a view of the rooms the ndoyenda kunyaya yangu. When u get in the room its got red lights on and there is a small tv always playing a p0rni movie then over the bed on the ceiling they is a mirror and another mirror on the syd of the bed.

Now back to story….as guys we always lyk our friends gal mayb its coz he will always b talking abt how gud she is in bed or jus that the stolen fruit is sweet, we normally go for braai on sundays wit our gfs my friend and I most of the tym we talk abt sviro, how my gal lyks it how his gal lyks it, little did we know this gals also talk abt size yemboro and how we do it.

I started to chat wit my friend’s gf one day she was asking me to talk to my friend coz they having problems the chats went on till sviro was the main nyaya. I told her kuti since u are hot why is he avoiding u? Maybe u not all tht gud pachikapa or something and she said she was the best. I said the taste of the pudding is in the eating, and then she agreed kuti timbonzwana kuti howfar. We set a date and then I went and picked her up.

On my way there i called my friend checking where he was and he said he wanted to go and screw rimwewo hure that I didn’t know.

When I got to the lodge with her I left her in the car, then I went and booked us a room for an hour, went and got her from the car even then I was checking for people who might recognise us but there was none.

Takazopinda muroom paya and without much ado we got down to business sevanhu vaiziva zvafambira. As soon as i closed the door she was on her knees opening my jeans she took my dik out and I was lyk wow as she gave me a mindblowing BJ, she suked me like it was her last time to do it. She would suck my mboro and then go kumachende and orova imw eso yatinoti teabaggingmachende. Ndaingoshinyira neprezha all along, holding her head and standing on my toes coz mmmm, she was killing me.

I pulled her up placed her on the bed. She was wearing a skirt i went on to kiss her while my hand was playing wit her n1pples she was holding my mboro and machende squeezing them, i pushed her down went to lift the skirt only to find a nice clean shaven beche small matinji but ine huge beans. I dived in with my mouth and licked her beche pulling matinji with my lips. When I placed my finger on her beans and rubbed it gently yet firmly akascreamer and held my head pulling me mo in her she had a strong 0rgazm and her legs were shaking I now put my tongue rolled up in syd her mo lyk kusvira nerurimi she said she jus wanted it insyd now.


I stood up and we removed all the clothes and i rolled on a condom kissed her gentlly and then ndokudhonza her legs to my shoulders then i put it in slowly she closed her eyes in pleasure and her beche muscles got used to my size then i pushed it all in, in one shove she let out a scream that i think pple in the next room heard her. I gave it to her in slow strokes at 1st then pumped her hard wit one leg on my shoulder the other one down wit my leg on it she was not moving i was giving it to her hard.

We changed positions, akabva auya patop manje and told me to relax and just lie there flat. I let her take control and she put my mboro in her wet beche bit by bit and stopped half way then chikapa tht she did ther it was jus the tip of my mboro going in and out i was enjoying the vieww from the mirror on top and the syd view all this tym i wanted kutunda but had to be a man so wen i felt it kum i would let my mboro fall out by the tym puts it back i will hv gained power not to tunda, wen we tundaed it was at the same tym in a huge scream and her body was jus shaking ruff.

Now the jambanja part is as we where getting out of our room i saw my friend wit my gal as i was wit his they wher also coming frm a room, we where all shocked…..

Guess what happened next?

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