Ndiri mai vatikurei. I am 45 years old and I went to Joburg kunotenga stuff yeflea market the plan was to tenga same day and do u turn, things were going neplan till late kuma7 i missed my bus coz i was sending stuff nerimwe bus, now i was stuck pa parkstation ndikafonera zim mdara gave me number yemzukuru saying he stays kutown he will come get me and help since i was afraid kufamba joburg at nyt alone.

Mzukuru came fast then tichibuda kuparkstation it started to rain tanayiwa so wen we got to his flat ayilodger half yeroom he was sharing wit someone his half had a 3/4 bed and small tv no space kuside, all i wanted at tht moment was kugeza and remove the wet clothes, mzukuru avurira mvura mutub put soap netowel kwanzi u can come bath while i make food, ndakageza a nice long warm bath ndikawacha hembe including panty forgetting kuti i don’t hv rimwe rekufeka, he had given me a body towel ndikamonera nezambia i went to the room tea was ready nemacaroni anogona kupika mzukuru, now the trouble was sleeping arrangements, he only had 2blankets nechando we agreed kuti we sleep same blankets but hs head was tht syd mine the other side it was in a way tht my feet we at his head.


Fast ndakabatwa nehope since i was tired from all the running around, late in the nyt i felt lyk i was dreaming i felt something wet and nice pabeche rangu it was feeling gud a feeling tht was new to me as i was getting grip to wat was happening i felt a finger going inside me and tht wet thing was sucking matinji angu i am blessed with them semhunu akakurira kuruzevha as much as i was shocked my body wanted more of this feeling i didnt want to look the incase it stops i said if its a dream let me not wake up, wen i noticed kuti mzukurus head was pakati kwemakumbo angu he was licking me i still pretended to sleep incase he stops thinking ndamuka, kamzukuru ate beche as if kanenzara to be honest it was my first tym to b licked beche i felt muri wangu wose going stiff lyk ndabatwa nemagetsi ndikatunda zwiri strong.

I think then he realised kuti i was up but they was no turning back he stood up and came strait kubeche nemboro kamfana no mani aka kanelast number yemboro. I first saw it in a flash but wen he put it inside i felt macorner ese kuti mfi yazara everywher, kamfana kandikwira slow but sho he was doing as if they is a place inside me he was luking for, i jus could not take it anymo i put my feet behind his knees ndika mbata tyt then i did chikapa he lost rythm but caught up fast we wher doing it meeting pacentre ndanakirwa nekamzukuru, then we changed style he did me dogy to be honest i dont do it namdara but kamfana was doing it while playin wit my breest and he pushed my shoulders down ruff magaro in the air all fo him to hummer machende where making a sound in rythm wit his pumping i felt his body going stiff and i knew he was at climaks then i felt his hot spem fill my beche tht jus made me climaks also then we jus collapsed and slept lyk tht.

Wen i woke up he had gone to wrk my clothes were ironed and dry……

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