Whatsapp parental controlThere is nothing that you can’t share through WhatsApp. You can send messages, audio clips, video clips, make voice, and video calls. Parents should make use of Whatsapp parental control because it has been most parents wish to at least know the type of people their children are talking to.
Read this article and learn how to set up Whatsapp parental control on your child’s phone.  
Lately, even teenagers and children from all age groups can easily access this application. Statistics show over one billion teens are being subjected to abuse through WhatsApp because most of their time is spent on WhatsApp.
Most of these children are not mature enough to know what kind of media sharing can put them in danger, some may even share their current location with a stranger. This is why it is necessary for the parents to monitor WhatsApp and keep a check on their children’s online activity. Through the WhatsApp parental control application, this becomes possible.
Some may pose a question, Does Whatsapp have parental control?
The answer is No. For parents to monitor their child’s WhatsApp, they have to download a 3rd party parental control application.
Parents can search and make use of KidsGuard Pro. It is a highly recommended application for monitoring and supervising your child’s activity on WhatsApp. Parents can do a number of things with the help of this parental control application.

With this application parent can:

  •  Check WhatsApp Usage
  •  View WhatsApp Messages
  • Check WhatsApp Photos
  • You can also check on other features that you suspect to be of harm to your children.

Parents need to at least know the type of friends their children are in contact with.

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