iPhone Whatsapp tricks

Most Whatsapp tricks have been about Android phones leaving out iPhones. Therefore this article is going to look into iPhone Whatsapp tricks.

iPhones also have a number of unique features to use on Whatsapp, some of which are not available on Androids.

  • Pin Option

After using WhatsApp for a while, the app’s chat screen fills up with a number of chats. Keeping track of every important conversation can become a time-consuming process.  One has to scroll every time he/ she wants to revisit a chat. However, Whatsapp offers a Pin option which lets you stick a chat to the top.

To activate this feature on iPhones you swipe left on any chat thread to see the Pin option. Click on the Pin and the conversation will appear on top of all chats with a pin icon.

  • Mark Unread

You can also mark a message as unread in a different way to that of Android users. For iPhone users, you can either open a conversation or swipe left and select Read option. When you want to disable the unread feature you just follow the same gesture.

Though Androids have this feature, on iOS it is somehow easy to activate.

  • Mute Option

The Mute option, you can avoid those unnecessary distractions while working. There are two ways to activate it. Either you can tap on the contact name from the conversation and press the mute option at the bottom, Or you can swipe left on the contact’s chat thread from the chat screen, and the mute option will show up.

Tap on a three-dot button, tap on More and pick Mute. To Unmute you just follow some steps.

  • Archive Chat

Also on iPhones, the Archive option is there and it’s activated differently to that of Android phone.  On iPhones, you just swipe right on any conversation and tap the Archive Chat option.

On Android, you have to scroll to the bottom of the chat list. iOS make it easily reachable with a single gesture. You perform a pull-down gesture on the home screen to show the Archived Chats option under the search box.

These are some of the tricks that you can make use of on your iPhone Whatsapp.

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