Whats is FM Whatsapp?

FM WhatsApp is an unofficial modified version of the instant messaging and chats application. FM Whatsapp allows you to use this messenger but with more options and customized functions than in the original application.

The app, just like the Original application, it allows us to send text messages, make calls, or video calls straight from our phone with our contacts that also use the application.

This version adds certain features and options in the field of privacy. It is customized according to one’s needs. This is why it is highly demanded by the user community. The Original  WhatsApp hasn’t added some of the features that are found on FM Whatsapp.

Remember this app is not an official app as it has been developed from the Original WhatsApp’s code without its owners’ permission, hence it is not available for download from Google’s official store. That also means that you can not update the app through Google Play Services.

On the other hand, FM WhatsApp uses WhatsApp’s codes without its permission, therefore, there may be some risks of getting banned. With FM Whatsapp you can not make backups to Google Drive, hence, you will need to set your backups in your phone’s internal storage space.

However, there is so much to appreciate on this app.

FM Whatsapp allows you to hide your connection time, your statuses, apply visual themes and modify the aspect of the interface or the wallpapers. It has improved options to send files compared to that of Original Whatsapp. It allows you to send larger files and in more formats.

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