Is GB Whatsapp legal?

Several questions have been asked about these unofficial Whatsapp. Questions like, Has GB Whatsapp been banned? Is  GB WhatsApp legal? What risks can a user of this unofficial Whatsapp encounter? Can they block your account or report you?

This article will try and explain all these doubts.

Firstly GB Whatsapp is not legal as it was created from the mirrored version of Original  WhatsApp Messenger. It violated its terms and conditions of use.

GB WhatsApp has been created from another developer.  It is a copy of WhatsApp Messenger that uses its source code and modifies it to offer new functions.

Under the copyright law, the terms and conditions of use of the Original Whatsapp version, this is illegal and a violation of the terms of use and conditions of WhatsApp.

In some cases, you may find that GB Whatsapp does not appear on Playstore. Early last year GB Whatsapp users were banned from using it. A notification was sent stating that the users would be banned from all Whatsapp platforms.

WhatsApp has been banning users of modified versions of  Whatsapp. Users have been receiving an in-app notification that their account is temporarily banned.

is gbwhatsapp legal

However, WhatsApp continues to block unofficial user accounts on a regular basis, so you may be affected if you decide to use GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp and other unofficial Whatsapp are the best to use because they suit one’s need, however, you just have to know about its pitfalls also.

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