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Whatsapp Features That Help You Know If Someone Is Using GB Whatsapp. This article is going to help you on checking if your friends are using GB Whatsapp on you.

In most cases, people who use GB Whatapp tend to freeze their last seen and still be talking to other people. You might be among the people who are not being talked to and you just think Well his last seen says Yesterday, hence he/she is offline.

This is one of the features that helps you know that your friend is using GB Whatsapp. No GB user ignores this feature. At one point and time, they will activate this feature. So their ghostly last seen might help you know.

Another trick is on the blue ticks. People who use GB Whatsapp usually disable blue ticks. You can send a message to them then they read it but the message will still show as unread with grey ticks on your end. So a combination of ghostly last seen and grey ticks might be a green light to show that one is using GB Whatsapp

Original Whatsapp users can do the same by enabling the Read receipt feature, but mostly GB users are the ones who make use of this feature.

Also if the person you’re talking to never shows his status in his chats, start assuming. One of the main features of GB Whatsapp is that it allows one to hide his/her status views from the other user. Therefore, if you’re talking to someone that is never shown on your status views but always commenting on your status, that can be another symptom that he/she is using  Whatsapp of this nature.

Please note there’s no  100% reliable way of knowing who is using GB WhatsApp instead of the Original WhatsApp. The only thing you can do is keep an eye and check on some of the signs that we have talked about.

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