Exciting Features That Are Found On WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold new features in its new update 2020 and the most ...- iHarare Jobs

What is WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold is a software that supports network monitoring and it was designed by IPSwitch. It was mainly designed for Windows users and offering them the display connections between devices. Moreover, it will enable the user to discover, visualize, and monitor network devices; and monitor network status.

Whatsapp Gold enables its users to assess difficult issues based on performance that is to avoid pricy service degradation.  Unlike other ordinary Whatsapp, The WhatsApp Gold has some amazing features that are so exciting.

Here Are The WhatsUp Gold Features

  • It enables its user to do network mapping
  • It also gives its users a network monitoring and alerting
  • There is reporting and dashboards feature
  • It allows Cloud monitoring
  • You can do Reports exports
  • It allows a Flexible email distribution and scheduling
  • All in all, it is Customizable

Advantages of using Whatsapp Gold

  • WhatsUp Gold is good looking and attractive. The name Gold is catchy and intuitive with seem less team management and control.
  • Whatsup Gold is obviously a good and useful product for people to use. The interface is friendly and the reminders are helpful.
  • WhatsUpGold is a great tool for monitoring the status of your network

Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Gold

  • It is mainly used by scammers
  • Not easy to download as it requires a link
  • The configuration process can get pretty confusing if you haven’t done it before
  • This product can do so many different things it becomes a little overwhelming
  • The product is complex to setup

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