Whatsapp Not Installing…Here’s How To Fix The Problem

We assume you’re reading this article, because your WhatsApp is not installing, even after downloading it from official sites like WhatsApp or Google play store.

These are some of the problems which cause WhatsApp failure to install.

Whatsapp Not Installing

Not enough storage space in your device.

Your internal drive is full or almost full.

You can fix this problem by deleting other applications that you’re not using from your phone, or those that are not a priority.

You can even save some of the data you still want to keep, on Google hard drive or iCloud or other external and secure virtual storage applications.

If you have space on your SD card, you can move some of the applications from your phone to your SD card or get an SD card with more storage space.

Software Incompatibility

Some older versions of Android or iOS are not compatible with the latest versions of WhatsApp.

This means you might want to downgrade to a version of WhatsApp which is more compatible with your phone’s software, or you might want to upgrade your phone’s software if there is that option.

The best method is to download from the WhatsApp site itself, it automatically detects the best version which suits your phone.

Some older versions of Android are no longer compatible with any kind of WhatsApp version. If you have a PC, you might want to consider using desktop WhatsApp instead.

Error Codes

Sometimes you get a message with an error code after WhatsApp fails to install. Common error codes include, 491,493, 413,907,927 or 413 and so on.

To fix this, if you downloaded your WhatsApp from Google Play Store, you need to remove the Google account first by going to your phone settings, select user accounts, select Google account and then ‘Remove account

Restart your phone after removing the account.

Then you need to readd the account by going back to your phone settings, then user account, then readd the Google account and log in.

You can also clear the Google Playstore cache by accessing the app through your phone’s settings, then select Apps & Notifications, then select storage, select clear cache.

Clearing the Google Play Store cache should fix the error code problem.

You can download WhatsApp again and try installing it

NB* Make sure WhatsApp is not banned in the country you want to use it in or it won’t install.


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