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The world is now transforming into the fourth generation which is also called the fourth revolution that is mainly based on high technology. The world has merged into one due to the internet. More than one billion people use the internet every day and this helps them to get all the information they need.

Because of this, if you are a business person it is very important to use WhatsApp tool to conduct or market your business. It knows no distance meaning that business people can reach customers that are many miles away from them and attend in no time.

Businesses people and customers can link up directly in real-time.  It enables customers to ask questions as if they are inquiring in a physical store location or over the phone.  In other words, it makes easy when communicating with customers by providing quick messages.

Some applications such as WhatsApp Business were created mainly targeting small and medium-sized businesses, although larger companies such have used some of its elements to great advantage, offering access to real-time flight information and documentation via the app.

Business people can market their products on WhatsApp by sharing pictures and videos of their products to their customers and it also promotes a two-way communication channel.

WhatsApp That Can Be Used To Conduct Business

  • FMWhatsApp has the advantage of sharing a post in 250 groups at once and this will ease the burden of sharing a post in 5 groups at a time like others
  • WhatsApp Business has a good feature which enables the business people to put their location and products. This enables easy marketing

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