Job Summary


The Institute of Directors Zimbabwe is seeking the services of an External Audit Firm
Job brief
We are looking for an External Audit firm to scrutinize the financial statements of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe and and give an independent opinion. Stakeholders will depend on the evaluation of the External Auditor to make informed decisions. To succeed in this role, the external audit firm should be an exceptional communicator with an analytical mind, attention to detail and sound judgement. The goal of the external audit firm will be to provide useful insight and unearth problematic situations regarding the finances and processes of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe.


Duties And Responsibilities


Objective of the Audit
• To have an objective assessment of financial statements of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe whether they give a true and fair view, in all material respects
• To review whether financial statement have been prepared in accordance with applicable accounting standards, such as GAAP, IFRS, or local GAAP
• To enhance the overall quality of the company’s financial statements so that the users, such as stakeholders, lenders and suppliers gain more confidence in having a business relationship with the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe.
• To comply with applicable laws and regulations that required the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe to have its accounts audited by an independent third party (e.g ZIMRA, NSSA)
• Plan effective auditing processes.
• Audit financial statements and assess accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance.
• Inspect internal systems and controls.
• Assess risk management tactics.
• Perform audits of non-financial areas, like Health & Safety and IT
• Report systematic errors or fraud indicators.
• Investigate specific issues regulatory bodies bring forward.
• Explain audit findings and recommend solutions

Qualifications And Experience


• Proven experience as an External Audit firm
• Experience in data analysis and financial reporting
• Knowledge of external auditing practices and relevant regulations

How To Apply


How to Apply?
Send your expression of interest to Deadline, 14 January 2022


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