Job Summary


Ensuring that sterile packs are available for different procedures to be done, rooms and grounds are clean and maintained all the time.


Duties And Responsibilities


• Damp dusts all rooms in the facility using recommended disinfectant
• Ensures all consultation t=rooms are clean all the time, prepares beds, sluices linen, cleans windows and mops the floors.
• Collects and sorts used/ dirty instruments and linen from different consultation rooms.
• Processes instruments according to set guidelines.
• Maintains accurate strength of disinfection solutions all the time.
• Disinfects, cleans and dries the instruments
• Prepares linen and dressing towel ready for processing sterile packs.
• Collects and sorts dirty or used linen from consultation rooms.
• Washes, irons linen folds and packs in linen cupboard.
• Replaces hand washing soap in all washing basins to enhance infection.
• Maintains color coding system e.g., bin liners, sharp containers.
• Packs and autoclaves packs and accessories
• Makes sterile packs according to specification e.g. IUCD, Jadelle, VIAC, dressing packs and label with name, date and sign.
• Autoclaves different packs according to specification of the autoclaving machine.
• Distributes sterile packs in different service areas according to requirement/ usage.
• Opens offices every morning and checks for evidence or break ins.
• Cleans all offices, consultation rooms and furniture.
• Cleans toilets and ensuring toiletries are provided
• Cleans reception area and ensuring it is always tidy.
• Prepares tea and Coffee as requested and serving it.
• Banks all cash and delivering cash within town.
• Relieves receptionists from time to time when called upon to do so.
• Reports all damages including building, equipment, and furniture.
• Loads and offloads equipment and goods from vehicles.
• Photocopies site forms and other stationery.

Qualifications And Experience


• 5 Ordinary Levels
• Nurse Aide Training
• Good Communication Skills
• 1 Year relevant working experience.

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