New Whatsapp Features

Instant messaging application WhatsApp, has added two new interesting updates which are set to be game-changers. 

One is aimed at making things easier when adding a contact to your phone for WhatsApp purposes and the other is a major upgrade in security.

Let’s get into it.

The latest update lets you add contacts using their QR codes. Gone will be the days when you have to write the number first in your phone books, and type in their name or something of the sort before accessing them on WhatsApp again. Now just scanning the QR code is enough to get the deed done!


These updates are currently available on the beta version of WhatsApp iOS and Android and to access them simply go to WhatsApp settings, if there is a QR code next to your name then the feature is now available to you.  For now, you can only access the feature if you’re part of the beta program. 

New Whatsapp Features
New Whatsapp Features introduced


So how do you add a contact using the QR code? 

You simply tap the QR feature next to your name and WhatsApp will give you your code and you can easily share it with your new contacts so they can add you without the hassle. Should you want to add a contact using the QR code, you just use the code scanner feature on the app which will open your camera feature so it can scan their code and add them. 


Sharing your contact code means sharing your number, however, if you feel you’ve shared it with the wrong person or group, you can simply revoke it by selecting the ‘Reset QR Code’ and a new code will be generated. 


While WhatsApp prides itself on being secure with its end to end encryption feature, which protects people’s messages from third parties. People would be surprised to know that there is a loophole in the end to end encryption feature, which can easily be taken advantage of by hackers.


The end to end encryption security feature was not extended to WhatsApp backup data/Chats and iCloud users are the most vulnerable to hacking. 


If a hacker was trying to access your WhatsApp messages via the iCloud chat backup and intercept them, they wouldn’t face challenges as compared to trying to access your messages directly through WhatsApp.  In short, WhatsApp messages which automatically get saved to backup chats in iCloud, are vulnerable to interception and hacking. 


Now the latest WhatsApp update is extending the end to end encryption to iCloud chat backup which will make it difficult for hackers to intercept or decrypt the data exchange between your WhatsApp and your iCloud. 


As mentioned before, the updates are still in the beta version of WhatsApp. However once WhatsApp updates have entered the Beta phase, we should be expecting them to be released to the public soon enough. 


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