Unban your Whatsapp GB After Getting Blocked And Recover Your Chats

Whatsapp has been cracking down on accounts using third party versions of the app. These third-party versions include GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp to mention but a few. Modified Whatsapp versions offer additional features making them quite popular amongst most users. Once the Whatsapp algorithm discovers you are using a modified version, you will be placed under a temporary ban. To continue using Whatsapp, users have to download the official app. Today at yourdailytechtips, we are going to be teaching you how you can have your number unbanned from Whatsapp after having been using Whatsapp GB.

How to unban your WhatsApp GB

To have your account unblocked, you need to wait for the ban to end and then reinstall the official version from the Playstore.To keep your chat history you need to do a backup. The unsupported app you’re using determines whether you need to back up your chat history or not. To proceed you need to find out which version of Whatsapp you are using.Go to More Options > Settings > Help > App info in that app. After you find out the name, you can follow the following steps to unban your WhatsApp.

Step 1:

Wait for your temporary ban to end, there will be a timer showing you when your ban will come to an end.

Step 2:

In Whatsapp GB after your ban has been lifted, navigate to More options -> Chats -> Back up chats.

Step 3:

After the backup completes successfully, Go to Phone’s Settings -> Storage -> Files and Find the GB WhatsApp folder.

Step 4:

Tap and hold to select and in the right corner tap More > Rename and Rename the folder to “WhatsApp”.

Step 5:

After renaming the GB Folder to Whatsapp, download the official WhatsApp app from Play Store. If your phone has troubles accessing the Playstore, you can download the official Whatsapp apk from the Playstore.

Step 6.

After successfully verifying your number, the backup will be discovered and you simply tap restore and you will have your entire chats.


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