How To Customize Your Privacy And Security On FMWhatsApp

Whatsapp privacy is a major concern for many users. Recent data breaches have resulted in many leaving the app fearing for their private data. The official version of Whatsapp offers lacklustre privacy settings and those who can’t do without Whatsapp are turning to a modified version called FM Whatsapp.FMWhatsApp has an inbuilt feature that helps its users to customize privacy and security settings. This is a more secure alternative to the stock version.

Steps to follow when setting Privacy And Security On FMWhatsApp

  • Click the three (3) dots on the far top right
  • Click the word Fouad Mods
  • Click where it is written Privacy and Security 

You will see a page with a word written PRIVACY as shown below.


  • To avoid people to see your last seen adjust were it is written Freeze Last Seen 
  • To remove a tag written forward when you resend a message click Disable  Forwarded
  • To adjust on People who can call you by clicking Who can call me 
  • To make your device not to report that you have opened someone’s status by clicking Hide View Status

You can see all deleted messages by clicking Anti- Delete Messages 


  • You can set up WhatsApp Lock setting by choosing fingerprint, Pattern, Pin 
  • You can change the password and the default password is 0000 
  • You can set a Recovery Question 
  • You can opt to make your password visible or invisible 
  • You can Enable or Disable pattern vibration




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